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Step by Step guide on Digital Marketing 2021

Let\’s dive deep and find something Interesting about –

  • what is Digital Marketing?
  • The history and Evolution of Digital Marketing
  • How to scale up the business ?
  • The future of Digital Marketing?

Do you know?

According to the statistical data, almost 60 % of the world’s population spend time online. Gradually, by the end of 2022, the graph would rise up to 75%.

According to the recent survey, companies get 57% of the sales through Blogging and Digital marketing and 81 % of the population search online to buy any product.

Voila! Is this a small number?

Absolutely No.

Now, you must be wondering how suddenly the bubble of digital marketing has started?

The answer is simple Digitalization and Globalization.

Hence, we can see the potential the online platforms have when it comes to marketing and selling.

Upscaling the business through Digital Marketing is the only way to succeed in this 21st century.


Because It’s the only means to connect.

The best example is to remember the world during the pandemic.

Lets’ start with understanding


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing means marketing through digital platforms like social media, Emails, and other gadgets .

Digital marketing encompasses all the electronic device to leverage the digital channels like Website, Social media platforms, Search engine optimization, Email marketing and so on.

Now, we wonder from where has the concept of digitalization evolved?

The History and Evolution of Digital Marketing.

The concept of Digital Marketing started in the year 1990 when the web 1.0 was developed to help users find out the necessary information. However, users did not have the platform to share their information. People were apprehensive about how far will the system will go.

  • in 1993, hotwired has started promoting through banner ads which started the beginning of digital marketing.
  • In 1994 yahoo was launched.
  • in 1996 Alexa, HotBot search Engine were launched.
  • Professional sites like LinkedIn came in the 2002.
  • We were introduced to Gmail in the year 2004.
  • Then the next big thing has happened Facebook, and Google went live which has revolutionize the whole Digital era.
  • We were expose to WhatsApp, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram later.

Now, we are in the digital era where we can rule the world sitting at home.

Do you know how has companies evolved after Digital Transformation?

Have you heard about The Home Depot – The company has adopted the Digital platforms since 2017 and hence, the stock value has risen From $135 to $215.

One more example is Nike –  Nike is accelerating into digital platforms to meet consumer demand. According to the data, Nike has reported 75% increase in Digital sales through adopting direct digital platforms for digital marketing.

Why Is Digital Marketing Important?

When we talk about Traditional marketing back in 1990’s to the digital marketing happening right now, we can see the consumer buying behaviour has changed. Marketing has evolved and so has the spending patterns of our customers.

Look at this table and tell me what changes could you see when you compare the transformation of Digital verses Traditional Marketing. Looking at the chart we can understand how switching to Digital is helping us in many ways.

  • Affordability –

People can afford Digital Platforms as compare to traditional ones because the amount of cost involved in the marketing organically and paid ones are lower than any other banner, tv’s commercials ads.

  • Better Reach –

With over and above 84% of the people online, spending time in scrolling ,learning, listening podcast, shopping, one can have expect larger set of audience to target, remarket, send emails to this people and target them. Hence, digital marketing has helped in choosing and targeting the right audience.

  • Understanding buyers persona –  

Digital platforms gives us the flexibility to choose any platform which can be easily accessible by our potential buyers.  

For example – We can easy track where our clients are spending their time on – like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. Hence, Accordingly, the ads can be created and targeted , eventually leads to conversions.

  • Direct interaction

One can reach and have direct interaction with their customers. This help to gain trust from customers perspective and establishes a long term relationship.

  • Build Personal Branding –

Due to the digital era building a brand for the company is much easier and important. Writing blogs, Sharing good quality information and promoting in the Social media has an leverage for the company to build Brands for themselves. Personal branding is the next Big thing.

Let’s understand some of  the Components of Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is a deep topic, We cannot dive in details but we can share take a sneak peek into all.

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Google ads
  3. Facebook Ads
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Inbound marketing
  7. Marketing Automation
  8. Content Marketing
  9. Graphic Designing
  1. Search Engine Optimization- SEO is the method of ranking top at the google, through unpaid strategies. It’s the process of optimizing the content so that search engine shows the content at the top via keyword Research
  2. Google Ads– Google Ads are the paid ads which shows on the searches of the Google search engine. There are two sections of the paid links on Google . One is paid and the other is a natural one(SEO).
  3. Facebook Ads– Running ads on Facebook to accelerate the traffic, conversion of the business. We run Facebook ads to get make our content visible, or look for conversions, get more engagement , likes on the Facebook page. This is a means to create awareness about our brand.
  4. Email Marketing– Using emails as a means to send messages, advertisements to our customers. It’s a means to generate leads and educate our potential customers through our email marketing strategy
  5. Market Automation– It is the process of  using the software to repetitively nurture our leads, send personal message and content, which ultimately saves time. This automation helps in saving time and energy and helps in reaching the messages to our potential customers.
  6. Inbound Marketing– It’s the authentic form of marketing using different marketing tools such as social media marketing, content marketing to help customers find the products.
  7. Affiliate marketing– It’s a way of promoting someone else’s products or services and earn affiliate commission.
  8. Content Marketing-  It is a strategic marketing focused on spreading valuable information through content about  product and service to educate the potential customer.
  9. Graphic Designing-  It’s attracting customers through advertising and marketing via creating visual effects.

Also you can read the blogs of one of my friends

The first thing which adhere to customer are the visual effects, hence through Graphic designing it catches the attention of the potential customers.

After understanding the importance and evolution of Marketing, you must be thinking Does Digital Marketing works for all businesses?

Yes, It does.

Regardless of any industry you are in, the first thing people do is look for the website of the company, read blogs of that particular company,  gain all the content information and eventually end up buying the products.

For Example –

Travelling Niche– People read blogs of travel bloggers like bruised passports, the curly tales etc.

Fitness/Yoga– They read blogs, watch YouTube videos of Ranveer Allahbadia, follow Shilpa Shetty as well.

Digital Marketing- Follow Digital Deepak, Sorav jain, Neil Patel, Harsh Agarwal.

Shopping– They buy through Amazon, Flipkart because people have trusted these companies.

You know, how is this possible?


Simply because, these people  have all created a  brand for themselves and have built a tribe in their community who can resonate with them.

How has that happened?

Rightly said by Jeff Bezos


Again the answer is through Digital Marketing and most Importantly I and You can also build a Brand for ourselves and the best time is NOW. Because Digital is the Present and the FUTURE.

What’s the Future of Digital Marketing?

As Digital Marketing has always meet the requirements of the customers and the Brands. This shift to AI has provided efficient, seamless approach to reducing the customer acquisition costs.

According to the reports the Digital Industry has a potential to hit the size of INR 645billion by 2025 and Increase global selling through Digital platforms.

The statistical Reports said the advertising budgets in India will be 25,000 crore by the end of 2021,at the growth rate of 10.5%.

In India ,in the year 2011 there were only 50 Digital Marketing Agencies But by the end of 2020, it has sky rocketed to 750 top digital Agencies.

This Industry is growing in a fast pace and so is the demand of skilled people who can Influence, create a huge market of job opportunities for the youth and leave a legacy behind.

So, In the next article we will discuss about freelancing work. But before that you can check the article to get some insights .


Digital Marketing is the next big thing and the person who possess the basic skills like Writing contents, Creating video and podcast, Digital literate, Cognitive Thinker who can handle the plethora of market demands and solve the problem, Data Skills Overall CREATIVE thinker and RULE the WORLD.


What do you think? Comment below and also read How to Grow your sales through marketing hacks.

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