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Top 5 digital marketing training programs in India 2021.

Digital marketing refers to that specific component of marketing that utilizes online and internet-based digital technologies. It includes mobile phones, desktop counters, and various other digital platforms and media to promote any business services for products. here we find Top 5 digital marketing training programs in India.

Digital marketing means promoting brands to connect with potential buyers and customers using different forms of digital communication and the internet. Digital marketing includes social media marketing, email marketing, web-based advertising, multimedia messages, and texts too as a channel for marketing.

With changing times, conventional ways and marketing styles have given way to new and blooming digital marketing styles. And like every other aspect of life, we need to adapt to this new and different kind of marketing for any business.
So before we hop onto the best and most suitable digital marketing training courses for you, let us have a look at the processes through which we should choose a program carefully.

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Here are the most convenient and recommended selection criteria for choosing digital marketing courses in India this year.

The vast number of courses and training programs available on digital marketing is enough to baffle you. While some claim to be free, some others claim to be highly professional. So before you confuse yourselves and get into the wrong training programs, here we have got you a brief and easy selection criterion.

This selection process will help you choose the best digital marketing training program for yourself without any hassle.

1 – Placements.

Before you enroll in any digital marketing training programs, explore the placement opportunities of that institute. Institutional tie-ups for live projects along with hands-on experience on acquired digital marketing skills will also do.

2 – Faculty expertise and course curriculum.

Scan through the offered courses and curriculum based on the expertise of their faculty carefully. Be it training modules or trends and practices relevant to the current trends in the digital industry, check all of them thoroughly. Opt for a training program run by a digital marketing agency since it is very impactful.

3 – Certification.

While selecting your training programs in digital marketing, opt for the ones that provide certificates in completing your programs or courses. These certificates add to your resume and cv and stand as authentic proof of the skills learned and acquired. Choose the programs which provide certification courses that various educational institutions and corporate bodies recognize.

4 – Recommendations and reviews.

Before getting into any training programs, kindly check out various suggestions and reviews by other trainees, former students, industry experts, etc. You can check these through online education portals, discussion forums, google, etc. you can even reach out to alumni on LinkedIn for their direct review or feedback.

Now you are aware of the uncomplicated selection criteria for choosing your digital marketing training program. Here we bring the top 5 digital marketing training programs and courses In India in 2021, both online and offline platforms. Scroll below to grab a quick look at some of the best training programs in India for digital marketing.

Top 5 online digital marketing programs in India 2021.

in this pandemic situation everyone understands that Digital Platforms are equally important as offline platform. we found top 5 digital marketing training programs in India for you so it will easy to select best as per your requirement.

1 – DigiGrad

Digigrad is an excellent initiative of Social Beat. Social Beat is a google premier partner and also a recommended Facebook agency. This initiative of social beat is to devour premium-quality digital training to individuals. This digital marketing training imparts in an online classroom setting. It offers this digital marketing certificate program which comes at rupees 30,000. This program is specifically for marketers, entrepreneurs, and freshers of the same field.

DigiGrad is an IIM alumni initiative with case studies based on learning methodology, similar to Harvard. It provides live classes in small batches with a minimal number of students, i.e., 50 per batch. The integrated twelve weeks program contains seven outstanding modules along with practical application-oriented modules.

Digigrad offers specific and target programs related to SEO, social media, digital advertising, and other digital marketing fields. Since Digigrad is an initiative by a digital agency, it guarantees a live project to its participants. Digigrad also offers several projects and internships at social beat along with top Indian brands.

2 – Manipal ProLearn

Manipal prolearn stems from Manipal global education services. This services come from Manipal university, which is their parent company. Manipal prolearn specializes in offering classroom-based and online digital marketing courses.

The online certification program of Manipal prolearn spans around hundred hours oflearning. This program includes different aspects of digital marketing such as ORM, SEM, SEO, and analytics. The post-graduate certificate courses, which are in partnership with Manipal academy, begin at a whopping sum of rupees 95,000.

These pg certificate courses are extended programs that span around two hundred days. However, the standard certificate programs on digital marketing begin at a considerably low price of rupees 55,000.

3 – Digital Vidya

One of the first to launch a series of social media marketing courses in India, Digital Vidya makes a leading digital marketing training company. Digital Vidya offers CMMM ( mobile marketing), CDMM (digital marketing), CSMMP ( social media certification programs), along V-skills, which is an initiative by the government of India.

These programs begin at a price of rupees 50,000. Since the year 2009, Digital Vidya claims to have had participation from more than twenty thousand students and professionals. These students and professionals hail from more than ten thousand institutions and organizations.

4 – SimpliLearn

Simplilearn is one of the best leading platforms recommended for professional certification programs and online pieces of training. OMCP accredits Simplilearn. The courses it offers aim at helping working aspirants and professionals go much ahead of the digital curve.
Simplilearn grooms an individual\’s relevant skills in digital marketing and other such related streams. It provides almost thirty courses in digital marketing. Also, it offers hands-on experiences in many different domains of digital marketing. Simplilearn delivers these programs at a price of rupees 60,000 to its applicants.

5 – NIIT

NIIT offers digital marketing programs that provide SEM expertise, SEO, email marketing, digital analytics, inbound marketing, etc. And also provides social media marketing, content planning, mobile marketing, CRM, and many more such programs In specialized digital areas. NIIT also offers a post-graduate degree in digital branding and digital marketing. Its programs are for freshers and beginners.

NIIT offers these programs, which come at a sum of rupees 70,000. NIIT also guarantees three interviews. The usual duration of these digital marketing courses in NIIT spans around six months. With the global pandemic of covid-19, NIIT has now moved all of its programs to digital platforms. Earlier, NIIT used to provide these courses and programs in an offline manner.

Top 5 offline digital marketing programs in India 2021.

1 – DMTI

DMTI stands for digital marketing training institute. It conducts a post-graduate digital media marketing program in Mumbai. This one-year digital media marketing program is a full-time post-graduate program. It focuses on the practical and strategic aspects of digital marketing; data has an active placements cell. Also, it helps immensely the course participants secure jobs in the digital marketing space.

2 – EduPristine

Being one of the leading training providers for accounting and analytics and international certifications in India\’s finance, EduPristine is highly sought after by individuals. EduPristine conducts classroom courses in digital marketing in 11 cities across India. This digital marketing program covers 60 hours of classroom training over 12 Sundays during that span.

EduPristine also has a 48-hour online course which is over six weekends. Upon completing these programs, the participants receive a certificate of excellence. It is in collaboration with the Microsoft IT Academy program.

3 – DSIM

DSIM stands for Delhi school of internet marketing, which is a digital vidya acquired now. DSIM conducts an all-in-one advanced live classroom course in digital marketing. These programs are designed and catered specifically for working professionals, students, and beginners in this field.

It delivers these programs to freshers, job seekers, business owners at the training centers of DSIM in Bangalore and Delhi. Dim conducts an online instructor-led course on weekends as well. Anyways, DSIM does not offer any digital marketing certification for participants who have completed these programs.

4 – Digital Nest

Digital Nest is an offline digital marketing program in India. Digital Nest primarily conducts an advanced training course in digital marketing in Hyderabad. This training course/program includes forty-eight hours of classroom training along with weekday and weekend classes. Also, it conducts seminars and workshops as well as various webinars for educational institutions and corporate bodies.

5 – IIDE

IIDE bases in Mumbai, and it stands for the Indian institute of digital education. Side offers two courses on digital marketing as well as full-stack programming. This digital marketing program at IIDE explicitly crafts to provide beginners with a solid introduction to digital marketing.

This digital marketing program helps working professionals and individuals grow their knowledge in all digital things. This program comes over six months, where the training classes are thrice a week. Also, the independent certification courses are for 3 hours over a week. This offline program on digital marketing at IIDE provides its students and learners with a firm grasp and understanding of the practical and technical aspects of coding and web development.


Digital marketing refers to any online marketing assets or efforts. Be it email marketing, social media marketing, or pay-per-click marketing, digital marketing has taken over grandly the traditional marketing styles. Digital marketing is an essential must in today\’s time for every aspect of our life.

Digital marketing is the best way to reach your target consumers and turn them into potential buyers and loyal customers. These consumers are the ones who determine the growth of sales in your business, leading to the annual turnovers of any business or company. if you are looking for a career in digital marketing, This are the Top 5 digital marketing training programs in India that you can join.

With plenty of training programs available nowadays for digital marketing, one must have a good idea regarding choosing the most suitable training program for him/herself. As mentioned above and programs, the institutions come into the top-notch list of training programs in digital marketing.

And equipped with this, you too can learn and arm yourself up with the ways and world of digital marketing for your dream business, from the comfort of your office and home.

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