How to Promote Word-of-Mouth Referrals Through Paid Ads?

How to Promote Word-of-Mouth Referrals Through Paid Ads?

In our previous blog posts, we’ve learned a lot about digital marketing. Whether it’s a landing page or hosting, we’ve come across many critical stages of digital marketing. Yet, there’s one thing that helps you sail easily in your online journey. And that is the Word-of-Mouth Referrals. No matter how great an advertisement is, we tend to trust the referrals of our close ones the most.

For example, a makeup brand that your best friend recommends to you always overtakes every promotion or prompt out there. And this is because we believe in the personal experiences of our close ones more. And this is the very reason why big brands like Coca-cola, Cadbury, Nike, Adidas stress Word-of-Mouth Referrals. They invest in this more than any advertisement. And the rest we all know.

So today, I’ll share with you how you can promote Word-of-mouth referrals through paid ads. Here is what you’ll learn in this blog post:

  • What is WOMM (Word-of-mouth-marketing)?
  • How to make your consumers give you WOMM referrals?
  • How to target WOMM referrals via paid ads?
  • Recalling the importance of WOMM in today’s businesses!

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What is WOMM (Word-of-mouth-marketing)?

Word-of-mouth marketing is also known as WOMM. And it is one of the best kinds of advertising. There’s no more tremendous success for a business than its customers recommending it to others. WOMM is a traditional marketing style, and it still works as it did ages ago. Word-of-mouth marketing is the best advertising for any brand. And this is because it gives confidence & support to the new customers.

For any new consumer to hear about a brand from their close ones, instantly gained their trust. The consumer feels secure & tempted at the same time to invest in whatever brand their friends or family recommend. And when such buyers purchase your products/services, they share them with others as well. And this is the secret behind good brands getting more prominent and deficient brands going down the lane. Be aware that the WOMM works both positively & negatively.

Positive WOMM skyrockets your business. And negative WOMM puts your business down the drain. Yet, you can change it with your constant efforts & quality services. The power which WOMM carries is immense. And examples are everywhere. We all know that one business/company turned into waste after a bad quality or poor business ethics came into light. Perhaps it’s a wrong product or poor delivery or worse quality. Whatever it is, half-hearted business always ends up that way. And WOMM escalates this.

More than 92% of people use brands & businesses recommended by their close ones. And more than 90% of people buy products/services after reading the reviews posted online. That’s how valuable & necessary WOMM is. And even though it’s not an easy task, there are still some ways to get consumers into WOMM for your business.

How to make your consumers give you WOMM referrals?

Now you’re well aware of the benefits of WOMM. So let’s not waste a minute more & jump down straight to these five ways by which you can make your consumers give you WOMM referrals.

Focus on Customer Experience:

You must provide the best-in-class customer experience. And this is because you won’t get into the good list of your customers if their experience with you is wrong. And, of course, no referrals as well. In any given business, customer experience is the most important. And in today’s time of social sharing, WOMM is essential for any business growth. When you provide a top-notch experience to your customers, they come again to you. And this time, they don’t come alone, instead bring their loved ones as well. Won’t you go to a lovely place alone, right? Just like that, deliver supreme quality in products/services/goods/delivery. The better a customer’s overall experience is, the more WOMM you get.

Quality is everything:

Quality rules everything, every time. Whether you’re just a start-up or taking a family business online, quality is the key. Whatever products/goods you deliver must have the best-in-class quality. When you prioritize quality, your customers prioritize you. And that’s how you gain immense WOMM quickly.

On the other hand, a poor quality business goes down the drain. Customers experiencing poor quality from any brand don’t limit that to themselves. They share their poor experiences with everyone. Hence, the bad quality of a business, in whichever form, gets exposed. And WOMM comes in negatively. If you deliver quality to your customers, rest assured of the ever-increasing sales & number of customers. And the WOMM comes like a byproduct, smoothly.

Begin your referral program:

Starting your referral program gives you a great head start. Making your customers refer you to others is the best way to launch a referral program. Give a discount on a popular product, a lucky coupon, or other free goodies or merchandise. You can also offer a premium membership for free for some time. And you can also give out free ebooks or small products. And in return, you can ask them to refer your business to their close ones. In addition to that, customers usually share their good deals & experiences with their close ones. And that’s how you win the WOMM game. So please start your referral program today itself.

Value your visions:

As a famous saying goes, people buy your things for “why” You sell it, not “how” You sell it. So this is your chance to value your visions. Why are you doing your business? Is there a personal story behind it? What is the reason? Let your customers know why you’re doing what you’re doing. And see the WOMM dramatically increase your growth. Also, you can use your referral program for that. Make your customers spread the word. We all love to be a part of good things. And that’s how you can make your customers give you the best of WOMM.

Win hearts with UGC:

The last and final step is to promote customer engagement via User-Generated Content or UGC. You can gain enough concentration & attention with it. UGC means to create good branding and launch terrific contests or programs. And by doing so, you encourage your customers to share your business socially. And that paves the way for WOMM to upscale your business magnificently.

How to target WOMM referrals via paid ads?

By now, you’re well aware of how to use WOMM for your benefit. However, there are two kinds of WOMM. One is the organic WOMM, and the other is the amplified WOMM. The organic WOMM refers to customers referring to your brand on their own. And the amplified WOMM means where you launch paid online campaigns to get WOMM benefits. Here below, I share with you five easy ways to use amplified WOMM for your business.

Select an Ad Platform:

You need to be very careful while selecting an ad platform for your business. Firstly divide your customers into age groups. Which age group does your target audience fall? If your customers are mostly youth, select Instagram or TikTok. And if the age group is slightly more, then setting Facebook and YouTube is good. You can also run your ads through LinkedIn and other platforms where your target audience is enormous.

Get clear on your goal & budget:

Almost every social media platform offers paid advertising to all. However, before you start your advertising campaign, get clear on your goal & budget. Your business goals must resonate with your ad platform selection. And you should have enough funding to do so. Whether it’s for newsletters or other subscriptions, choose the one after deciding on your budget. And, of course, your business goal is prioritized here as well. In addition to that, get clear on your ideal ROI. And how much you’re willing to spend on digital marketing.

Offer good Incentives to your customers:

You must offer good incentives to your customers. And those incentives shall be well planned and thought out. Incentives that help your customers are more valuable than giving out Any random useless thing for free. For example, you can give a free video about your customer’s favourite product, which they’d have to buy usually. Or perhaps an ebook. You can also offer coupons and discount vouchers which customers can use in their purchases. However, your discounts should be time sensitive so you can get more customers to get them early.

Write your ad:

Now, write down your ad. Your ad must be in the most preferred language of your target audience. And it should be unique and original. Your ad must
communicate your offer.

Also, you must be creative with your ad. Don’t just copy-paste ideas, instead create your own. Use good graphics, images and themes to make your ad more engaging. In addition to that, make sure to use targeted keywords for your target audience.

Keep track & keep going:

And lastly, examine your ad’s performance and track down the results as well. The major areas to keep track and checkmarks are; visuals, colours, content, CTA(Call to Actions). However, you should know that you’ve to keep testing & tracking. And when you don’t find your desired results, change, shift and do again. That’s the key to making your customers talk about you well, always.

Recalling the importance of WOMM in today’s businesses!

In digital marketing, the value of WOMM increases many times. Word of mouth marketing was influential in the olden days, and it still isβ€”a business blooms & flourishes when word of mouth marketing works in its favour. And a business drowns when the same expression of mouth marketing goes the wrong way. Nowadays, a company is hard to survive if it has no online presence. And with online presence comes digital marketing.

You need to be well aware of how to use digital marketing to grow your business better. And WOMM comes in handy for that. Remember that people always follow what their close ones recommend. To deliver quality & excellent customer experience to get on the good side of your customers. And see how the word of mouth marketing takes your business to new heights. And to give that a good start, you can promote Word-of-Mouth referrals through paid ads. I hope this blog post helps you immensely with your online business. πŸ™‚

What is a landing page? Benefits and different types of landing page.

What is a landing page? Benefits and different types of landing page.

We have discussed several essential things in our previous blog posts. But today’s blog is exceptional. Why? Because here, we discuss one of the secret game changers in digital marketing. And that can only be a landing page. So then let’s scroll down and learn what a landing page is, why they are used, the various types of landing page and the benefits they provide us. So here we go.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page refers to a web page on which consumers land. But in digital marketing, the landing page is a standalone page. And it’s different from homepage or others that serve a focused or single purpose. The landing page is a follow-up page to any claims which you make in your content. Mostly, it’s the next step to visit your customer.

The landing page allows you to make a tradeβ€”any special offer or a piece of information. And a deal in return for sharing contact information. Landing pages can be of different types. And they mostly click through in nature. Landing pages lead to another page like an e-commerce site or lead generations. The lead generation landing pages offer free goodies mainly. And they are usually free trials, ebooks, webinar registration or contest entries. And all these offers are in exchange for submitting contact information.

A decent landing page does its job by convincing a potential buyer that it’s worth providing contact details in exchange for what you offer. You can find landing pages via a general search. And also, through your company website, this increases the likelihood that a potential buyer ends there. There is no need to have only one landing page or one at a time. Marketing experts suggest that maintaining multiple landing pages is good because it targets segmented customer populations.

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The Different Types of Landing pages.

As a general rule, using landing pages enables you to complete a post-click sequence with a dedicated page that shows the visitor they have landed in the right place. Busy homepages or product pages have the potential to muddy the waters. In contrast, landing pages make it very clear what outcome will result from the visitor’s click-through.

By making a landing page, you refine and improve your visitor interaction and increase conversion chances. You also ensure that you get more from your PPC spend – you’ve already paid for this click, and a landing page helps you make it worth your while.

You can increase the possibility of conversions even further by ensuring that you use the right kind of landing page. Let’s take a look at the landing page varieties and why they are used. A landing page is specific and focused. And it offers only one straightforward call to action.

There are 8 different types of landing pages.

  • Click-through landing page
  • Lead generation landing page
  • Sales page
  • Squeeze page
  • Viral landing page
  • Splash page
  • Microsite
  • Infomercial
    So let us discuss them briefly here below.

1. Click-through landing page

A click-through landing page does not require a form at all. And it is a straightforward communicator between your advertisement and the page to which you want to direct your consumers.

For instance, a click-through landing page links an ad to a shopping cart. Also, it requires only a short and straightforward explanation of what the viewer finds by clicking and a robust and unmistakable call to action with a link to their final destination.

Let’s see some examples of Click-through landing pages.

1. Moz Pro

Moz pro- Click-through landing page


  • The VideoΒ gives prospects a sneak peek into what Moz dashboards look like.
  • The call to action button is clearly visible.
  • Added Social Proof “3500+ customers shows the popularity of Moz”
  • Short paragraphs are easy to read, It explains the benefits of the Moz tool
  • Testimonials are added with Full name, company name, and position.
  • 2 call to action buttons give, prospects the opportunity to convert more than once


  • Moz logo is clickable so, it’s easy for visitors to exit the page without converting.

2. Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus- Click-through landing page


  • The landing page offers a discount on the offer.
  • Authority badgesΒ align Norton with some powerful brands, like PC Magazine.


  • The logo is clickable so, it’s easy for visitors to exit the page without converting.
  • The benefitΒ of using Norton Antivirus is written in teeny-tiny text. β€œDefends against viruses, spyware, malware, and online threats.”

2. Lead generation landing page

A lead-generation landing page is also known as a lead capturing landing page. It intends to collect information via means of a data capture form. The lead generation pages are very versatile. Yet, they are used in the middle of the sales funnel mainly.

The center of the sales funnel is the point where consumers evaluate your offers. And they are on the verge of moving towards the intent to either convert or walk away. The lead capturing landing page presents a request as well as a reward simultaneously.

However, the prize is the special offer that you promote to capture leads. And then the request is the information you ask for in exchange for it. Yet, both the demand and reward shall be well balanced. Whatever you offer or advertise shall be worthy for the buyer to share contact details. And then get added to your mailing list eventually.


lead generation landing page

3. Sales page

The sales page is usually the most difficult to design. With a sales page, you no longer prospect for leads as the sales page is what you use right at the bottom of the sales funnel. And it needs to convince people to buy, which is a different proposition to a simple request and reward combo.

The creation of a sales page, from the copy to design, demands a touch of delicacy. And also a total understanding of your buyers’ needs. And the position in their sales journey. You can sell too hard at this point which turns your client away. Or you can undersell, which loses your client as well.

The length of the sales page depends primarily on your product. And also on how much you shall write to explain the product’s value to your buyers. There needs to be a detailed pitch that demonstrates this value regardless of the length. And to get buyers to click that button and complete their purchases.


Digital Marketer

4. Squeeze page

A squeeze page is mainly used to collect data. It is employed near the top of the sales funnel usually. And the only goal is to gather email addresses to add potential leads to your mailing list.

Squeeze pages are basic landing pages, short with minimal content and bold headlines. An on-point call to action confirms the viewer as to what to expect from that click-through page.

There must also be a link to take the viewer to the next step and an exit button if the viewer does not wish to proceed further.


5. Viral landing pages

The Viral landing page is intended to build brand awareness primarily. And they usually contain links to a web page or company website. And all of these are mostly presented unobtrusively and subtly.

The significant keys here are the content that must be informative as well as fun. And they must be fun enough to engage a reader. As a result of which, you get them to share the page and also via social media. The content can be a written copy. And it can also include images, videos, or even some games.

6. Splash pages

Splash pages are used at any point in your sales funnel. And it is the most basic type of landing page primarily. Splash pages usually have very few copies and two or three bold images. In addition to that, it has straightforward communication, like mostly an announcement.

And even a simple no or yes request. Splash pages might ask viewers to choose their language preference or verify their age before proceeding to any website. And they do not generate leads or collect data since splash pages serve only to provide basic information to viewers before they enter a website.


7. Microsite

A microsite is a dedicated but miniature website. And it is created for a specific campaign mostly. And at times with one targeted sales goal mindfully.

A microsite is more than a single page, and it is still described as a kind of landing page because it is set aside for one specific aspect of sales and some promotional efforts.

The online ads usually drive the microsites, or else they work alongside TV advertisement campaigns.


image source

8. Infomercial

Infomercials are not just a thing of 1990s television advertising at late nights. Several businesses successfully incorporate their sales techniques into digital strategies, which are specialized landing pages.

The Infomercial landing pages are the opposite of lead-generation pages or squeeze pages. Instead, infomercials tell viewers a long and elaborate story using copy that recalls most late-night sales’ excitable mannerisms and emotiveness.

The primary goal of infomercials is to keep viewers scrolling down. And also to get them to commit to a purchase.

Why is a Landing page used?

It would be best if you landed pages to convert leads into sales. A landing page is a superb way to drive traffic to your site and improve your SEO. And, of course, it helps build your brand. A landing page also forms a part of an effective PPC strategy.
Almost sixty-eight per cent of B2B businesses use landing pages to generate leads for further conversion. However, forty-four per cent of these clicks is directed back toward home pages. And this is not a good strategy at all. Landing pages lead viewers to a specific product, offer or service. And they also encourage them to take action (make purchases).

So the landing page is an opportunity to create conversions. And also to build your customer base vastly. Most people have a misconception that landing pages are challenging to develop and maintain. But that is not true. And landing pages are super important. So creating a good landing has one primary purpose. And that is to make the viewer get what they want and are looking for in your site.

The Benefits of Landing pages.

The landing pages stand a better chance of capturing a viewer’s attention for an extended period, and this is because good landing pages do several things that hold viewers and make them scroll to the end of the page. After which, it encourages them to make a safe purchase.

A good landing page has several benefits. So check them out here.

  • Landing pages are focused and also free of distractions.
  • They connect to a specific audience.
  • Landing pages are an extension of a brand and stand for a specific product or service, and this helps the viewer get a clear idea of what you are selling.
  • They give a thank you at the end. And this makes the buyer come back for more purchases as they feel good. And also that they have made the right choice.
  • Landing pages collect specific information about your potential buyers.
    They leave a good first impression and generate leads and conversions.
  • They promote new products, services and goods.
  • Landing pages provide special offers with a home. And they provide a place for your recommendations to reside well.
  • They allow viewers access to other marketing channels.
  • Landing pages benefit both you and your consumers.
  • They are direct and to the point, build credibility, can be tested and increase search traffic.
  • Landing pages cull qualified leads from search traffic.
  • They promote customer focus and directly support your business goals.
  • Landing pages with images, videos and graphics help attract people and make a lasting impression.


So conclusively, a landing page is an online tool that is highly beneficial to a business as it increases the number of potential buyers. Landing pages focus on targeted audiences. And thus provide viewers with direct and easy access to a service, product or good they are interested in. It has a firm offer and explains why the recommendation is valuable in precise and straightforward terms.

Landing pages confirm the request made with a headline. And then, use the subheading for a detailed explanation of those offers and share the value proposition. Landing Pages give website visitors an initial sneak peek into a business.

Lastly, a landing page is an essential marketing tool because it brings awareness to specific content and prompts viewers to make purchases. Landing Pages provide increased lead conversions by default, and they offer reasonable control over what the viewers see on the website. They give better content relevance. And in short, it helps you take your business to the next level. So now that you have learned about what a landing page is and its benefits, incorporate it. Using a landing page is highly required in today’s time. And that is the very reason why they are so excited about it.

The top 10 digital marketing influencers in India 2021.

top 10 Indian digital marketing influencers

Digital marketing is a growing industry now. We follow many digital marketing influencers like Neil Patel, Gary Vaynerchuk, Matt Bailey, sam ovens etc. in this post, we will see about the top 10 Indian digital marketing influencers.

Digital marketing refers to the marketing done online. It refers to a company’s marketing techniques carried out via electronic devices and the internet. Digital marketing involves several digital strategies to connect a business with its specific audience and target consumers. Also, Digital marketing is the best way to identify, reach and interact effectively with your consumers. It narrows down the exact and specific audience interested in buying your products and paying for your services. It is much more economical than the traditional style of marketing. Digital marketing is considerably less expensive and connects you with your target audience in a much better way.

The five significant benefits which digital marketing provides any business is

  • the best way to target the right audience,
  • increase brand awareness among consumers,
  • to reach all the customers online
  • engage and understand the consumers’ behaviours
  • to build trust among your consumers and buyers.

Here are the top 10 digital marketing influencers in India. Come on and check as to what sets them apart from others. And how they have successfully influenced people with digital marketing.

1– Deepak Kanakaraju

Deepak Kanakaraju - Digital marketing influencers

Deepak kanakaraju is a one of the popular Indian digtal marketing influencers on digital marketing. His famous website is helping millions of people to learn and grow using digital marketing. On this blog, Deepak shares skilfully about different parameters of digital marketing.

He has previously worked with many B2C and B2B companies, including Instamojo, practo, Exotel, etc. His tips and advice are handy. He provides many kinds of business consultations.

He, with his famous website, serves plenty of people in the digital marketing realm. Deepak is, therefore, a notable guide and mentor in today’s time. And he is best known for his skills and talent in this field.

2 – Pradeep Chopra

Pradeep Chopra

Pradeep Chopra is one of the most sought-after speakers on digital marketing. His expertise also lies in entrepreneurship.

He is both an Indian as wella s international speaker. Pradeep is the CEO and also co-founder of Digital Vidya. Notably, vidya is a famous digital marketing school in India. Each year, hundreds and thousands of students train from this school.

They complete their courses related to digital marketing. Pardeep Chopra first completed his graduation from IIT Delhi in 1999. After this, he started his journey with Kapil Nakra. Kapil is Pradeep’s friend. And Both of them lead the Whizlabs software together. Whizlabs software is an oracle certification company.

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3 – Rajat Jain

rajat jain

Rajat Jain has his blog. And this blog is popular in today’s time. Rajat is the founder and CEO of Shoot Order which is one of the top-ranked digital marketing agencies. Also, shoot order has more than two hundred clients. And all these clients hail from various regions of the world. And this is the primary reason why he is such a famous digital marketing influencer. In his popular blog, he speaks of the latest trends, upcoming styles, varieties, etc. He also says marketing experiences, latest market hacks, etc., and talks of ways to boost your websites and marketing. When it comes to digital marketing, his name is one of the most counted on.

4 – Kunal Choudhury

Kunal Choudhury

There is a significant factor that is mentioned when it comes to Kunal. And that is, Kunal Choudhury earns much more than two million dollars. And it is all from affiliate marketing solely.

Kunal is a renowned expert in affiliate marketing. And of course, it is very sought after. His contributions in affiliate marketing for famous brands are no new, myntra, jabong, Flipkart, snapdeal are some of those brands. His gifts for the Delhi school of internet marketing are noteworthy.

It is one of the prestigious schools of marketing in India. Kunal’s fresh concept of affiliate marketing is what takes him higher. His unique understanding of affiliate marketing earns him massive respect in the marketing world.

5 – Sorav Jain

sorav jain

Sourav is another professional who has earned many laurels. He is a prominent digital marketing influencer in India. At the young age of seventeen, he came up as an SEO executive.

He has established echoVMB as well, and that is based in Chennai now. Sorav Jain hosts 2020 MSL programs frequently. And also many other such programs. Understanding the perspective of customers. Sorav has also launched two popular books. One book is named ‘ social media for business. And the other book is called how to build your brand on social media.

Sorav Jain also owns another fascinating thing. And that is a digital marketing Facebook community. This community has more than 45,000 members, and it is named ‘digital marketing questions and answers. And now, Sourav is preparing to go global very soon.

6 – Lakshmipathy Bhat

Lakshmipathy Bhat

Lakshmipathy has more than two decades of experience in digital and traditional marketing. He is a significant witness to both drastic and gradual changes in marketing. In his campaign, lakshmipathy blends well both the marketing fields.

He is a professional in digital as well as traditional marketing. He is now responsible for the corporate communications of robust technologies. Notably, powerful technologies are a leading mobility solution partner.

Interestingly, Lakshmi Kant is also involved in the marketing business in different companies. And they are from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. An excellent digital influencer, indeed.

7 – Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal is a full-time blogger by profession. He is the blogger of shoutmeloud. Reportedly, shoutmeloud is a blog about digital marketing. And it has won many awards. In this blog, you can find every detail of digital marketing.

This blog is suitable both for beginners and pros. Those who want to make a career out of blogging can turn to shoutmeloud. Harsh Agarwal is a BTech graduate, and he has worked in Convergys earlier.

Harsh Agarwal is an inspiration on his own. Digital marketing. And that too entirely from scratch. Youth. And every such individual who wishes to make a career in digital marketing.

8 – Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani is best known for his blog bloggers’ ideas. He is a professional blogger. And also a digital marketing authority.

The blogger’s ideas are considered as the top blog about digital marketing in India. Also, Jitendra Vaswani is known as a highly sought-after digital marketing consultant. And that is both in and outside India.

He is also a renowned public speaker. He shares valuable keynotes on blogging, branding, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and making money online. His professionalism at work is what sets him apart from others. A talented individual, Jitendra has helped hundreds of people with his insights and advice.

9 – Nidhi Singh

Nidhi Singh

Nidhi Singh is a famous digital marketer in today’s time. And hailing from India, she makes considerable contributions in terms of business and digital marketing. She is AVP growth marketing at DBS Bank currently. Before joining DBS, Nidhi Singh has led the marketing for EduPristine for six years. And in this long time, she has helped this startup grow. Also, EduPristine is acquired by Adtalem, a global education giant listed by NYSE. Notably, Nidhi Singh is a top writer on Quora and has won the place twice. She has much more than 75,000 followers on Quora. And Nidhi writes mostly about Digital Marketing. Also, she answers questions asked by different people on Quora.

Nidhi is also an internationally published writer. And her works have published in famous magazines such as HuffPost and Inc. In addition to this, she is listed in numerous top digital marketers lists , ever since 2018.

Nidhi Singh specialises in SEO, app interface improvement and business consultation on the website. She also does Facebook Marketing, setting up KPIs for startups, and email marketing as well. Reportedly, Nidhi also runs a group named Digital Marketing Tips & Tricks.

10 – Himanshu Arora

Himanshu Arora

Himanshu Arora is a top digital influencer in India nowadays. He is a computer science engineer and Hails from Delhi. Himanshu has also completed his MBA in marketing.

He is a professional consultant on digital marketing, and he is passionate about branding and marketing styles as well. Also, he conducts much digital marketing training for corporations. His lists include HUL, TCS, TOI, ICICI, HPCL, digital vidya, Wipro, Kotak,

Himanshu Arora also co-founds social panga. Notable, social panga is a popular digital marketing agency. Himanshu Arora is a sought-after digital influencer in India. All his clients only benefit from his help. Hence, his popularity is skyrocketing.


With changing times, digital marketing has taken over traditional marketing. The conventional marketing styles now lag behind the digital ones. And there is enough reason for the change. Not only does digital marketing cost us more, but it also connects us with our customers in much more accessible and convenient ways.

Digital marketing is called online marketing too. Digital marketing refers to any online marketing assets or efforts. Also, Digital marketing is the best way to reach your target consumers and turn them into potential buyers and loyal customers. These consumers are the ones who determine the growth of sales in your business, leading to the annual turnovers of any business or company.

With plenty of training programs available nowadays for digital marketing, one must choose the most suitable training program for himself. also you must know about top digtal marketing influencers and you can follow them for more information about digital marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

what is email marketing?

Email marketing refers to the process of sending a commercial message to a targeted audience through email. And email marketing involves every email sent to a current or potential customer. In this kind of marketing, only emails are used for advertising, promoting, or sell a service, product, or goods.

Email marketing is used to request donations and business and solicit sales too. And in email marketing, you target your specific group of audiences via email. And the very use of emails in your marketing efforts to promote products or incentive customer loyalty is email marketing. In this marketing process, you keep your customers updated with the latest offers, sales, products, services, ebooks, webinars, discounts, etc.

Now that you know what email marketing is, it’s time to learn the benefits. So, ail marketing comes with plenty of advantages. And some of the essential benefits of email marketing are as follows.

Benifits of Email Marketing:

  • Email Marketing helps you reach your target audience better. And it helps you boost lead generations and conversions.
  • Email Marketing increases your revenue and annual turnover.
  • It promotes a better relationship with your target consumers.
  • Email marketing helps you communicate better with your customers and vice versa.
  • And it mproves response rates to your direct marketing campaigns.
  • It allows you to create personalized and targeted messages.
  • Email marketing also promotes your authenticity in business.
  • And it helps you gain the trust of your consumers.
  • Email marketing makes you reach an already engaged target.
  • It is cost-effective and pocket-friendly.
  • Email Marketing will allow you to create personalized content for your unique customers.
  • And Email marketing helps you collect feedback and conduct surveys.
  • This marketing allows immediate response from your consumers and gives you the benefit of speed.
  • It helps you keep track of your customers over time.
  • And it allows you to segment your consumers into different mailing lists based on their preferences.
  • Email marketing strengthens loyalty and trust between you and your target audience.
  • And t allows you to connect with your customers very well.
  • Also, ery email sent is free when you use broadband in email marketing.
  • And ou can reach your customers from any corner of the world via email marketing.

What are the types of emails?

Email marketing is one of the best ways of digital marketing today. And this is because t comes with umpteen number of benefits for any business. In addition to that, there are several different kinds of emails. And any business interested in email marketing shall be aware of these various email types.

1 – Welcome emails

It is the very first email a business sends to its new customer. And this kind of email is often referred to as onboarding emails.

2 – Newsletter emails

It informs your target audience of your business’s latest news and tips. And as a result t makes your customers up to date with the newest information about your business.

3 – Curated content emails

It is a category, and a subsection of newsletter emails. And this is because they include various quality content selected for a specific topic, group of people, or time frame.

4 – New product announcement emails

It is called as a product launch email. And it informs your target audience of your upcoming product or latest service being released or started.

5 – Special offer emails

In these emails, you inform your customers of a specific or special offer. And that is because it can be about a limited-time deal or any occasional offers.

6 – Milestone emails

It is a behaviour-based email made for existing customers. And it reminds your consumers of the value they get from your business.

7 – review request emails

It collects your customers’ reviews through email, including a 1 to 10 rating scale, and some brief copy, etc.

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8 – Abandoned cart emails

It is a mainstay of e-commerce. And abandoned cart emails refers to a follow-up email. Because it is for customers who have added any product or service to their cart, but then left the website or app without buying it.

9 – Promotional emails

These emails target a particular audience to remind them of new or existing services or products. And as a result it helps get the word out about premium deals, exclusive content, special offers, and limited-time offers, etc.

10 – Lead nurturing emails

Marketers send these emails to move the customers from considering buying a product to deciding to purchase it. And it is because they show more details of a service or product and highlight its unique features.

11 – Informational emails

Send these emails to keep your target audience updated on your business. And it is to inform your customers about the latest news, content, product announcements, and discounts, etc.

12 – Educational emails

These emails help build and nurture seller-buyer relationships. And these are sent to all existing, new, or extended-time customers.

13 – Web-based emails

Web based email is an email service, accessed using a standard web browser. And it is the opposite of emails accessible via specialized email client software.

14 – Client based emails

It is a desktop program that allows users to access emails without logging in via the web. And this is so because, hese are linked to email accounts via IMAP or POP3 addressing.

15 – Survey emails

These emails are used for data collection. Also, it is used to collect quantitative data using questionnaires or surveys. And it is because these are sent to targeted respondents through emails.

16 – Marketing emails

These emails mark explicit use for marketing purposes. And as a result hey form a significant part of digital and email marketing.

17 – Direct emails

These emails promote advertise or sell directly. In addition to that, these are sent to a customer to promote or sell any service or product directly as well.

18 – Broadcast emails

These emails are mostly sent to your main list of customers. And in addition to that they form a significant part of marketing strategy.

19 – Sequence emails

It refers to a series of emails sent automatically to specific segments of customers. And these emails can be time-based or trigger-based as well too.

20 – Standalone emails

This email is characterized by a one-time distribution of brand messages and content advertisement. And as a result it is frequently send to a new customer.

How do you do email marketing?

In digital marketing, email marketing forms a significant component. And, email marketing stands strong even in the hyped up era of and other social media marketing. And also, it is the most reliable and prevalent style of marketing to date. Because mail marketing seldom fails as they are super convenient and inexpensive as well. And how does one learn email marketing? Well, no worries. We got you. Here below, we share with you the seven simple steps to do email marketing.

1 – Build your mailing list.

The first step is to build your mailing list. And our mailing list comprises your target audience. So, please make a list of all your target audience. and get the email IDs through legal ways, that is either through some campaign or in exchange for free gist, downloadable ebook, etc and once you have the email list of your consumers, build a complete list of them. Now you are ready to start with your email marketing as well.

You can use tools like Convertkit, Mailer Lite

2 – Welcome your customers.

After building your mailing list, welcome your customers. send out an introduction email. In addition to that, congratulate and thank your customers for subscribing to your mailing list. And give them a brief introduction about your business. Let them know what they shall expect from your emails. And surprise them with free goodies and super special offers etc., at times as well , this is one of the best ways to start your email marketing.

3 – Personalize your messages.

After you connect with your consumers via mail, it’s time to customize and that is personalize your content. And your messages shall be your very own. Because ey shall convey your ideas, thoughts, and intentions authentically. In addition to that, your personalized messages make your consumers feel essential. And when your customers feel valued, they tend to invest more in any given business too.

4 – Segment your consumers.

our mailing list is further improvised as well. And put your customers into different segments based on your customers’ preferences. Segmenting your customers makes it easier and better to market digitally with emails. And this is because ou know what to send to which customers. And so as a result, you can focus on each segment of customers separately, which allows more connection and clarity about your target consumers.

5 – Focus on mobile-friendly emails.

Almost everything we want is in our hands in this five to six inches device. And we use our mobile phones for all purposes. So ke sure your emails are mobile-friendly too. Because, this way, you stay close to your target audience. And as a result, you can make them aware of your presence quickly. Mobile-friendly emails are fun, short, and interactive, and highly engaging. And ey grasp your consumers’ interests in a better way.

6 – Occasional email campaigns.

The occasional email campaigns act as a catalyst for your business. And this is because in digital marketing, campaigns hold an essential place. As well as do these campaigns occasionally for your customers. And you can ask them to take part and reward them with gifts, vouchers, coupons, etc. Also, these campaigns help your customers better engage with your business. And so they are more likely to purchase your products and services.

7 – Welcome reviews.

Email marketing helps you get closer to your target audience. And this is because it makes a great way to connect deeply with your customers. In addition to that, ask for reviews and feedback from your consumers. But do it in a fun and interactive way so that your consumers don’t find it monotonous or boring. Analyse these reviews and feedback as they are precious. Since they can help you get aware of your customers’ exact needs, wants, and demands. And when you focus on them, your sales uprises fluently.


Even when SEO and other social media marketing seem to be the top, email marketing is vital. Ever since its beginning, email marketing has maintained the trust and reliability of its users. Because, it is one of the most traditional ways of digital marketing. And with changing times, it still holds the same power to upgrade your business.

Email marketing allows you to enter the personal space of your customers with their permission. And it enables you to connect and communicate more closely with them. And it comes with an abundance of benefits for any business as . Whether you are just a beginner with your start-up or running your old family business, email marketing is effective in both too. So applying the ways mentioned above to start your email marketing will take your business high gradually in the long term. And brings in the trust and loyalty of both you and your consumers together.

15 reasons why you shouldn’t ignore digital marketing

15 reasons why you shouldn't ignore digital marketing.

It is high time that you learn the importance of digital marketing in today’s world. Traditional marketing has paved the way for digital marketing. Conventional business styles have paved the way for digital business styles, and Digital marketing is now quintessential for any small or big business, and here I will show you 15 reasons why you shouldn’t ignore digital marketing.

Digital marketing takes levels up your business as compared to traditional ones. Some people hesitate and are not much aware of how digital marketing works. They live in the myth that digital marketing is expensive, risky, and does not yield rewards. Well, worry no more. In today’s article, we will bust those myths. And here, we provide you with fifteen valid reasons why you should not ignore digital marketing.

15 reasons why you shouldn’t ignore digital marketing.

1 – Presents groundbreaking ways to connect with your consumers.

Conventional styles of marketing are long lost. In today’s time, it’s digital marketing that connects you with your consumers. Digital marketing helps you identify your target audience. And also suggests easy ways to connect with them on a deeper level. You can know what are the exact requirements and demands of your customers through digital marketing. And also, knowing those help, you devise plans accordingly.

2 – Boosts conversions of leads.

Digital marketing helps you to generate leads first. And then it allows you to convert those leads into successful sales. Digital marketing helps you to convert your potential leads into loyal buyers. And with time, digital marketing gets you more sales and more significant annual turnovers. More lead generation means more conversion of those leads. When you generate more information, you can then convert them to potential buyers and customers. These help immensely to boost up your sales rates.

3 – Increases profits and ROI.

Digital marketing significantly increases your profits. Your profit rates go higher when you utilize digital means of marketing. Digital advertising makes your products reach your target consumers better. And this, in turn, brings in more purchases and sales. Your return on investment (ROI) then becomes much more predictable and easier to tell. Digital marketing is much more rewarding than conventional ones. Digitally marketing your business helps you earn more profits and benefits.

4 – Enhances visibility.

Digital marketing helps you in steering clear of many risks. Digital marketing allows you to see ahead of time in many aspects of your business. And it gives you better clarity regarding your business growth and progress. Also, digital marketing helps you demonstrate your existence among your target audience. It increases your visibility among consumers. When your visibility among consumers increases, your brand awareness also increases. More brand awareness means more publicity for your business. And this brings in significant sales.

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5 – It is inexpensive.

Digital marketing is super pocket-friendly. Digital marketing is very inexpensive and does not require much of your capital. With low costs, digital marketing comes in convenient and easy to use. As compared with the conventional styles of marketing, digital marketing is much cheaper. And also, it is much easier to operate and deal with. You can reach more people with less money. Digital marketing costs you less and gives you more.

6 – Help you to concentrate on proper purchases.

Digital marketing allows you to concentrate on essential ideas. It helps you cut off many distractions and attend to the necessary purchases more as it will enable you to focus on better deals than not-so-good ones. Concentrating on proper purchases keeps your mind off from unimportant ones. Also, you learn to prioritize essential investments over others.

7 – Allows you to get the concept on the market about your products and their delivery rapidly.

Digital marketing allows you to be well aware of your products or services. And also about your providers, deliveries, and suppliers. Digital marketing helps you keep track of all transactions related works. And also, it gives you enough clarity on the quality of your products and services.

8 – Help you keep an update on what is going on in the market.

Digital marketing helps you to keep an update on the current market state. It allows you to be aware and keep a check on the immediate market and this, in turn, helps you plan accordingly. And also to take appropriate measures for the time being. When you are aware and up to date with the current situations of the market, you can be careful with your moves. You can take apt measures at most times. And these allow you to strategize better plans and their execution.

9 – Requires minimal resources.

Digital marketing makes use of minimal resources as it does not ask for more human resources or money. You do not need to hire a list of professionals to enact digital marketing for your business. Whether you are a housewife or a working person, you can digitally market your business with ease. You do not need a full-fledged office or a bunch of staff. You do not need to hire a host of other officials. Even you can digitally market your business. And nowadays, there are plenty of free and paid tools available in the market for digital marketing.

10 – Takes your business to the next level.

Digital marketing helps you take your business to the next level. It helps your business upgrade steadily with time. Digital marketing ensures that your business has a consistent growth rate. And that your business is slowly yet indeed expanding itself. As you reach more of your target audience, your sales increase considerably. And this leads your business to further levels of growth and expansion.

11 – Gives you accurate consumer feedback.

Digital marketing gives you accurate consumer feedback, and Digital marketing allows you to c0nnect with your consumers directly. It will enable your consumers to state their worries, complaints, reviews, or feedback in much better ways than conventional marketing. Digital marketing allows your consumers to be more vocal about their needs, wants, and demands.

12 – Help you keep track of your business growth.

You do not have to wonder as to where your business is heading. Digital marketing helps you keep track of your business direction. You now know where to take your business and how. Digital marketing indeed makes all of this much more manageable. Digital marketing helps you record all business-related activities.

13 – Allows you to learn more and be aware of your competitors.

Digital marketing allows you to learn more about your market competition. And also it gives you a better understanding of your competitors. When you are vigilant of your competitors, you can strategize appropriate plans. And this helps you to take your business higher than your competition.

14 – Promotes reliability and trust.

Digital marketing promotes reliability and trust among your consumers. Digital marketing helps you win the trust of your buyers, and this strengthens your relationships with them. Also, this reliability brings in more sales for your business. Digital marketing makes you more credible in the eyes of your customers. And it encourages your customers to invest in your business more.

15 – Paves ways for increased branding.

Digital marketing paves the way for increased branding. Digital marketing helps you raise your brand awareness among your target audience, and improved branding leads to more lead generation. You can then convert those leads into potential buyers and loyal customers. Digital marketing pays you in every way with minimal investment.


These above-mentioned brief reasons are an eye-opener for any new entrepreneur or any beginner in business. So, in conclusion, there are a few reasons why you should never ignore digital marketing. Firstly, digital marketing presents groundbreaking ways to connect with your customers. Secondly, digital marketing boosts conversions of leads, and digital marketing increases your business profit and ROI.

It is inexpensive and enhances your visibility. Digital marketing helps you to concentrate on proper purchases. And also allows you to get the concept of the market about your products and their delivery. Digital marketing helps you to keep an update on what all is going in the market. And also requires minimal resources and capital. Digital marketing helps you take your business to the next level. And allows you to learn more about your competitors that’s why you shouldn’t ignore digital marketing.

It allows you to be more aware of your market competitions. Digital marketing promotes reliability and trust among your consumers. And lastly, digital marketing moves ways from increased branding. It raises your brand awareness significantly.

With these significant reasons, you now know why digital marketing is so essential in today’s times. There is rarely any individual who makes no use of any online platforms in their day-to-day lives. Whatever the need might be, this is almost everything available in the digital world.

So stop wasting your time, energy, and resources on conventional marketing styles. Instead, switch to and prioritize digital marketing in your business. And then see your business taking the forward strides securely with time. if you need any help regarding growing your business in the DIgital space, you can email us at [email protected] or comment below.

7 easiest steps to build a personal brand.

7 easiest steps to build a personal brand

The personal brand refers to your public personality, directed for your target audience. Personal branding refers to the process of establishing your public personality. And it involves accurate and careful communication of your purpose, values, goals, and beliefs In this post, we will learn about How to build a personal brand.

A personal brand exists whether or not you build it for yourself. Your brand develops around the kind of content you create, post, and share. From webinars to search and social advertising, all reveal the aspects of your personality. Hence, building your brand.

Now you must be wondering. Why should you build a personal brand, what are the benefits, and how do you create your brand? Well, no worries. Today, we will share with you all of these. So here we go!

Why should every entrepreneur build a personal brand?

There are nine significant reasons why every entrepreneur should build a personal brand. Scroll below to know what those are.

1 – Helps communicate your vision.

Building a personal brand helps you to communicate your vision with people. And especially your target audience and consumer. Your brand vision is your mission statement. People will ultimately buy your mission, your reason for starting your business, then the products or services themselves.

2 – Helps to expand your audience base.

Creating your personal brand helps you to expand your audience base significantly. Research sufficiently on the competition in your business market and focus on how you will differentiate yourself. And this helps you in the expansion of your consumer baseβ€”the more comprehensive your audience base, the more generation of leads and more happening of sales.

3 – Evokes your leadership skills and thoughts.

Building your personal brand evokes leadership skills and thoughts as these skills and aptitudes are necessary to run an upscale your business. People are more inclined toward the leader than the organization or brand itself. Craft your leadership skills so you can capture and secure the interests of your consumers

4 – Grows your market value.

Building your brand helps you to grow your market value. And high market value welcomes more lead generation and sales. Once your market value goes up, you can see significant growth in your overall business. Your brand name boosts up your market value to a large extent.

5 – Boosts your conversions.

Every entrepreneur shall build a personal brand as it helps to boost your conversions. Lead generation and conversion of those leads become considerably much more accessible and convenient. Boosted up lead conversions mean more sales. And finally, lead to substantial annual turnovers.

6 – Helps build trust.

Creating a personal brand helps any entrepreneur to build trust among his/her target audience. A personal brand makes you gain the confidence and reliability of your consumers. When you win the trust of your customers, make sure you stand upon it. Maintaining the trust and reliability of your customers is a significant pillar when starting your business.

7 – Makes you gain popularity.

Personal brand creation makes you gain immense popularity among people and other competitors of yours. It raises your brand awareness overall. The more popular you are, the more likely you will have the upper hand over your competitor. Famous brands and businesses make more sales than the brands which are less known about.

8 – Provides you with flexibility.

Your brand provides you with flexibility. It increases your worth in the industry. And also it gives you the choice of a flexible work schedule. It gives you the freedom to decide who you want to work with.

9 – Gives you alternative sources of income and PR.

Creating an excellent personal brand gives you the leverage to supplement your income. And PR through various endorsements, book deals, panels and columns. Generating alternative sources of income leads to surplus capitals and healthy finance in your business.

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Benefits of building a personal brand.

Creating your brand comes with numerous benefits. However, there are eleven top benefits of building a personal brand. And we have shortlisted them for you.

1 – More online visibility.

Having a solid personal brand gives you more online visibility. It attracts more consumers. Online visibility, in return, leads to more potential buyers for your business. It will boost your business growth rates.

2 – Allows you to leverage your network.

Your personal brand allows you to leverage your network. A good, more expansive network of your customers, and you bring in more leads. You can choose your target audience. And thereby craft products, services or goods which resonate with your target customers.

3 – It makes you more identifiable in person.

The personal brand you possess makes you much more identifiable in person. People start recognising you. The more people know you, the more they engage, interact and invest in your business. Your brand name helps you gain this popularity and brings in more and much better kinds of sales.

4 – Your business becomes more vital.

Personal branding leads your way further as it makes your business grow stronger. Companies with a firm brand name are much more stable and hard to crumble than the lesser-known ones. Creating an excellent personal brand strengthens your business in numerous ways.

5 – Allows you to leverage your brand to build partnerships.

Your personal brand lets you leverage your business Bardon to make partnerships. You can build trustworthy and reliable partnerships when you have higher market value. All thanks to the intense personal brand you create, which helps you develop suitable and beneficial partnerships and collaborations with other food businesses.

6 – It makes your online relationships flourish.

Personal branding makes your online relationships flourish like never before. Your relationship with your consumers via online means and modes gets enhanced. With an efficient personal brand, your relationships with your consumers and workers bloom beautifully.

7 – Maintains a surprise factor.

Creating your personal brand helps to maintain a surprise factor. The various kinds and numbers of opportunities that open up on your way will never cease to surprise you. And this helps you keep going even in tough times.

8 – Builds your confidence.

The more robust and better your personal brand is, the more it builds your confidence. Confident entrepreneurs design and run their business much better than insecure ones. Entrepreneurs with low confidence levels make more mistakes and are not able to carry out their business well.

9 – Allows you to control your brand image.

Your personal brand lets you control your brand image according to your will. You can craft your personal brand as per your needs, requirements and wishes. You can even control the way your personal branding grows.

10 – Upscales your credibility.

Your personal brand upgrows your credibility among your target audience. Your consumers give you their trust. When you and your business become credible enough, sales start to flood in, and your business upscales much faster. The higher your credibility amongst your target audience, the better your personal branding works for you.

11 – It makes your goals more achievable.

Personal branding makes your business goals much more achievable. Your business goals can be broken down into specific, measurable units, as this makes it easily possible. And also, when you see the number of goals you have achieved within a limited number of time, your self-esteem goes up. And this results in a positive outcome for your business.

7 steps to build your personal brand.

Now coming to the best and most important part. There are seven most straightforward steps to build a personal brand. Check below to learn what those are.

1 – Find your niche and craft your brand vision.

The first step to build your personal brand is to find your niche, your ikigai. It starts when you craft the vision of your business brand.

2 – Decide carefully on what you want to be known for amongst your audience.

Moving on, now you need to decide carefully on what you want your brand to be known for. It means to choose the motive for being known amongst your target consumers.

3 – Now, define your audience and build a brand personality.

The third step starts when you define your target audience, select them and find ways to communicate with them. And also when you build your brand personality.

4 – Develop a consistent message and create relevant content.

You need to develop a consistent message for your target customers. And then, you can move on to create content relevant to your message.

5 – Be authentic and build your social media presence.

Make sure to be authentic in your ways as that builds trust among your consumers. Authenticity sets you apart from your competitors. When you build your social media presence, it helps immensely to create your personal brand.

6 – Now, create your business website and learn to network.

One of the significant and most important steps while creating your personal brand is to make your business website. You must learn to network and build your community.

7 – Lastly, sell yourself.

Carry out yourself with enough confidence and energy. It makes you seem much more capable and wins the reliability of your target audience. Thereby you can sell yourself much more easily among your customers.

Your personal branding does not happen or occur overnight. Your personal brand doesn’t get built in a day. It takes lots of relentless effort to create a solid personal brand over time. A reliable personal brand gives you all the benefits. Whereas poorly built or ignored personal branding can lead your business journey down days.

It would be best if you took charge of your personal narrative. And also need to make sure that you know what you want to share with your target audience and consumers. Understanding what personal branding means is the first step towards building a solid personal brand.

Why should every entrepreneur create his or her personal brand? What exactly are the benefits and pros of building your personal brand? And lastly, how do you develop your personal brand? The moment you answer these questions, you can shoot up your business growth immensely.

Of course, it is not a single-day process. But, a solid and efficient personal brand will guarantee a steady and progressive growth of your business. And also, ensure your safety against many major pitfalls, loopholes, and risks of running your dream business. This article focuses on exposing any budding entrepreneur or beginner in the industry regarding personal branding. Master these things mentioned above, and you are ready to pep up your business saga.

7 key benefits of having an online presence for a business

7 key benifits of having an online presence for business

Now that you have started on the journey of your dream business, it makes the best time for you to take your business online. Whether it is your old family business or your brand new start-up, it is the age where you need to step up your pace of business. in this post, we learn about the benefits of having an online presence for the business.

Traditional ways of marketing have given ways to the unique digital marketing style. The valid reasons and benefits of the same are described crisply in our previous blog posts. So why is it that important and necessary to take your business online? Please find out how online presence affects your business and why you need it to be upscale as you scroll below.

Today, let us have a detailed look at the seven significant and critical benefits of your business’s online presence. These seven crucial factors give us enough reason to accept the online fact of a business.

1 – An online presence for your business leads to a vast range of your target consumers.

Traditional ways of reaching out to your customers are long lost. In today’s time, you need to select a particular clan of consumers. Simply put, you are required to choose and pinpoint your target audience. To determine your target consumers well, you require to take your business online.

Online platforms help you to decide which kind of consumers are more likely the ones whom you should target. These target audiences or customers most likely turn out to be potential buyers for your business. Increased sales come as a piece of cake once you know whom to target as your audience.

For example, you can track your business growth using various reliable online apps and websites. Online platforms help you measure your growth. And also contribute primarily to reach your target audience more curated and sooner than offline means.

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2 – An excellent online presence of your business further promotes your reliability factor.

The reliability factor of your business shoots ten times manifold when you take your business online. If you have a physical store, it is most likely that your consumers and probable customers will look up your store online. If you run an online business, then it becomes even more critical.

Whether you run a physical store or an online one, make sure to create an excellent online presence for your business. And this increases your reliability factor and gains the trust of people. It also leads to a considerable increase in sales due to the heightened trust of your target audience. For example, there is a particular shop in your locality from which you buy groceries regularly. So it is natural for you to look it up online to see whether it has an online presence or not.

If it has an online presence, you tend to recommend it to your friends and close ones, rate it, share your positive reviews and urge others to come and buy from the same shop. Whereas if that shop does not have an online business, you cannot share it with your friends who stay far away, rate or review it, etc. And this affects negatively as that shop loses potential buyers.

3 – Increased publicity comes as a by-product when you take your business online.

When you take your business online, it leads to a further increase in your publicity. With targeted and specially curated ads, templates, pamphlets, your business gains massive publicity. Increased publicity of your business brings in more and more sales. You generate much more quickly and.

Converting leads too comes in handy due to increased publicity of your business. As more people know about your business, more interaction takes place between your consumers and you. Remember how we tend to go into crowded shops more than the less crowded ones. Seeing more people gathered in front of a store gives us the notion that the products there are good.

Similarly, less to no crowd in front of a shop makes us think that the products are not good enough. Increased publicity helps your business gain the trust of your consumers. And it also attracts new potential customers for a longer time. 

4 – Businesses with an online presence pave ways for increased branding.

Increased branding of your business products or services brings in an immense number of new customers. It makes the customers stay for a longer time while they continue to invest in your business. Raised brand awareness leads your target audience to believe in your business. This is the main benefits of having an online presence for business

And it also attracts more loyal consumers. With the rise in your brand awareness, your business reaches a level called β€œ word of mouth “. At this level, your consumers promote your business products, services, or goods to their known ones. And this builds your brand name. We tend to believe more in what our near and dear ones recommend us.

For example, if your friend uses a particular brand of shampoo, she shares her experience regarding it with you. If her experiences are good, she urges you to buy the same shampoo brand. And if her experiences are not that good, she urges you never to buy that particular brand. In this way, β€œ word of mouth ” comes as an effective publicity tool for your business. A robust online presence of your business leads to much better and even higher rates of brand awareness among your customers.

5 – An online presence for your business is economically friendly.

whenever we talking about the benefits of having an online presence for a business, Promoting your business offline is tedious, needs lots of brainstorming, more capital, more workers, and is super time-consuming. Simultaneously, online means come in much handier, and an online presence for your business is economically friendly. With specific applications, websites, strategies and methods, you can up grow your business smoothly online.

For example, suppose you want to promote your business offline. For that, you would require banners, pamphlets, templates, more money to pay for these services etc., whereas via online means, you can do all of these on your own. If not, then with the help of another person or a professional for even better results. Many websites deliver the proper ways to do so and many applications as well ( for free πŸ˜‰ ).

Moreover, you cannot reach a large number of people annually. Whereas by taking your business online, you can go to a vast number of people and with relatively lower costs, resources and time.

6 – Your business’s online presence helps you gain your international audience.

If your company has reached a particular stage or upto a stable level, then it is natural to think of business expansion. Remember that no business has ever sustained without expanding its branches. Whether it is a toy shop or a restaurant, you need to grow your business in many ways to grow it. And for that, taking your business online comes as the best way.

For example, you run a business of clothes, and your business does well in your nation. You can look up to take it to an international level. You can start with your nearby and neighbouring countries. Seeing the results, you can take it further on a global level. And in doing all of this, the online presence of your business acts as a significant catalyst.

7 – Online presence of your business promotes much better communication with your customers.

A strong and well functioned online presence of your business gifts you much better communication with your customers. Online platforms allow you to connect with your customers considerably in a much better way than offline means and measures. Now, for example, suppose you own and run a business of flowers and floral beauty products like beauty oils, fragrant soaps, and body washes.

Suppose you do not have an online presence in your business. In that case, people who invest in your products cannot share their reviews or experiences. The customers who check on reviews and ratings given by previous consumers before buying a product would probably overlook it. They would doubt the quality and other potentials of your products and would hesitate when purchasing. Now, if your business has an online presence, these consumers can look up your website or app.

They can read reviews and experiences of other customers. People can share their views and even share them with their family and friends. Consumers who are satisfied with your products would recommend them to others. And for those customers who are not completely satisfied with your products, can say so. Here too, having an online business helps massively. You get to know the exact demands, needs, and requirements of your customers. You can customize and improvise your delivery, quality, quantity, or style of product packaging to suit your users’ taste. In short, you get to connect and communicate with your consumers. These are the main benefits of having an online presence for the business.


The benefits mentioned above of your business’s online presence provide us with valid points of doing so. Having an online presence in your dream business leads you to a vast range of your target audience. Increased reliability factor, increased publicity, and branding are other by-products of taking your business online. The online presence of your business is economically friendly, helps you gain an international audience, and promotes better communication with your customers.

In simple words, online presence upscales your business ( whatever kind of business you run ), many times fold. With less expenditure and minimal costs, convenience and ease of work also come. Those who know these seven secret benefits of having an online presence for a business, can take their business online and reap the benefits in plenty.

Top 5 digital marketing training programs in India 2021.

top 5 digital marketing training program in india

Digital marketing refers to that specific component of marketing that utilizes online and internet-based digital technologies. It includes mobile phones, desktop counters, and various other digital platforms and media to promote any business services for products. here we find Top 5 digital marketing training programs in India.

Digital marketing means promoting brands to connect with potential buyers and customers using different forms of digital communication and the internet. Digital marketing includes social media marketing, email marketing, web-based advertising, multimedia messages, and texts too as a channel for marketing.

With changing times, conventional ways and marketing styles have given way to new and blooming digital marketing styles. And like every other aspect of life, we need to adapt to this new and different kind of marketing for any business.
So before we hop onto the best and most suitable digital marketing training courses for you, let us have a look at the processes through which we should choose a program carefully.

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Here are the most convenient and recommended selection criteria for choosing digital marketing courses in India this year.

The vast number of courses and training programs available on digital marketing is enough to baffle you. While some claim to be free, some others claim to be highly professional. So before you confuse yourselves and get into the wrong training programs, here we have got you a brief and easy selection criterion.

This selection process will help you choose the best digital marketing training program for yourself without any hassle.

1 – Placements.

Before you enroll in any digital marketing training programs, explore the placement opportunities of that institute. Institutional tie-ups for live projects along with hands-on experience on acquired digital marketing skills will also do.

2 – Faculty expertise and course curriculum.

Scan through the offered courses and curriculum based on the expertise of their faculty carefully. Be it training modules or trends and practices relevant to the current trends in the digital industry, check all of them thoroughly. Opt for a training program run by a digital marketing agency since it is very impactful.

3 – Certification.

While selecting your training programs in digital marketing, opt for the ones that provide certificates in completing your programs or courses. These certificates add to your resume and cv and stand as authentic proof of the skills learned and acquired. Choose the programs which provide certification courses that various educational institutions and corporate bodies recognize.

4 – Recommendations and reviews.

Before getting into any training programs, kindly check out various suggestions and reviews by other trainees, former students, industry experts, etc. You can check these through online education portals, discussion forums, google, etc. you can even reach out to alumni on LinkedIn for their direct review or feedback.

Now you are aware of the uncomplicated selection criteria for choosing your digital marketing training program. Here we bring the top 5 digital marketing training programs and courses In India in 2021, both online and offline platforms. Scroll below to grab a quick look at some of the best training programs in India for digital marketing.

Top 5 online digital marketing programs in India 2021.

in this pandemic situation everyone understands that Digital Platforms are equally important as offline platform. we found top 5 digital marketing training programs in India for you so it will easy to select best as per your requirement.

1 – DigiGrad

Digigrad is an excellent initiative of Social Beat. Social Beat is a google premier partner and also a recommended Facebook agency. This initiative of social beat is to devour premium-quality digital training to individuals. This digital marketing training imparts in an online classroom setting. It offers this digital marketing certificate program which comes at rupees 30,000. This program is specifically for marketers, entrepreneurs, and freshers of the same field.

DigiGrad is an IIM alumni initiative with case studies based on learning methodology, similar to Harvard. It provides live classes in small batches with a minimal number of students, i.e., 50 per batch. The integrated twelve weeks program contains seven outstanding modules along with practical application-oriented modules.

Digigrad offers specific and target programs related to SEO, social media, digital advertising, and other digital marketing fields. Since Digigrad is an initiative by a digital agency, it guarantees a live project to its participants. Digigrad also offers several projects and internships at social beat along with top Indian brands.

2 – Manipal ProLearn

Manipal prolearn stems from Manipal global education services. This services come from Manipal university, which is their parent company. Manipal prolearn specializes in offering classroom-based and online digital marketing courses.

The online certification program of Manipal prolearn spans around hundred hours oflearning. This program includes different aspects of digital marketing such as ORM, SEM, SEO, and analytics. The post-graduate certificate courses, which are in partnership with Manipal academy, begin at a whopping sum of rupees 95,000.

These pg certificate courses are extended programs that span around two hundred days. However, the standard certificate programs on digital marketing begin at a considerably low price of rupees 55,000.

3 – Digital Vidya

One of the first to launch a series of social media marketing courses in India, Digital Vidya makes a leading digital marketing training company. Digital Vidya offers CMMM ( mobile marketing), CDMM (digital marketing), CSMMP ( social media certification programs), along V-skills, which is an initiative by the government of India.

These programs begin at a price of rupees 50,000. Since the year 2009, Digital Vidya claims to have had participation from more than twenty thousand students and professionals. These students and professionals hail from more than ten thousand institutions and organizations.

4 – SimpliLearn

Simplilearn is one of the best leading platforms recommended for professional certification programs and online pieces of training. OMCP accredits Simplilearn. The courses it offers aim at helping working aspirants and professionals go much ahead of the digital curve.
Simplilearn grooms an individual’s relevant skills in digital marketing and other such related streams. It provides almost thirty courses in digital marketing. Also, it offers hands-on experiences in many different domains of digital marketing. Simplilearn delivers these programs at a price of rupees 60,000 to its applicants.

5 – NIIT

NIIT offers digital marketing programs that provide SEM expertise, SEO, email marketing, digital analytics, inbound marketing, etc. And also provides social media marketing, content planning, mobile marketing, CRM, and many more such programs In specialized digital areas. NIIT also offers a post-graduate degree in digital branding and digital marketing. Its programs are for freshers and beginners.

NIIT offers these programs, which come at a sum of rupees 70,000. NIIT also guarantees three interviews. The usual duration of these digital marketing courses in NIIT spans around six months. With the global pandemic of covid-19, NIIT has now moved all of its programs to digital platforms. Earlier, NIIT used to provide these courses and programs in an offline manner.

Top 5 offline digital marketing programs in India 2021.

1 – DMTI

DMTI stands for digital marketing training institute. It conducts a post-graduate digital media marketing program in Mumbai. This one-year digital media marketing program is a full-time post-graduate program. It focuses on the practical and strategic aspects of digital marketing; data has an active placements cell. Also, it helps immensely the course participants secure jobs in the digital marketing space.

2 – EduPristine

Being one of the leading training providers for accounting and analytics and international certifications in India’s finance, EduPristine is highly sought after by individuals. EduPristine conducts classroom courses in digital marketing in 11 cities across India. This digital marketing program covers 60 hours of classroom training over 12 Sundays during that span.

EduPristine also has a 48-hour online course which is over six weekends. Upon completing these programs, the participants receive a certificate of excellence. It is in collaboration with the Microsoft IT Academy program.

3 – DSIM

DSIM stands for Delhi school of internet marketing, which is a digital vidya acquired now. DSIM conducts an all-in-one advanced live classroom course in digital marketing. These programs are designed and catered specifically for working professionals, students, and beginners in this field.

It delivers these programs to freshers, job seekers, business owners at the training centers of DSIM in Bangalore and Delhi. Dim conducts an online instructor-led course on weekends as well. Anyways, DSIM does not offer any digital marketing certification for participants who have completed these programs.

4 – Digital Nest

Digital Nest is an offline digital marketing program in India. Digital Nest primarily conducts an advanced training course in digital marketing in Hyderabad. This training course/program includes forty-eight hours of classroom training along with weekday and weekend classes. Also, it conducts seminars and workshops as well as various webinars for educational institutions and corporate bodies.

5 – IIDE

IIDE bases in Mumbai, and it stands for the Indian institute of digital education. Side offers two courses on digital marketing as well as full-stack programming. This digital marketing program at IIDE explicitly crafts to provide beginners with a solid introduction to digital marketing.

This digital marketing program helps working professionals and individuals grow their knowledge in all digital things. This program comes over six months, where the training classes are thrice a week. Also, the independent certification courses are for 3 hours over a week. This offline program on digital marketing at IIDE provides its students and learners with a firm grasp and understanding of the practical and technical aspects of coding and web development.


Digital marketing refers to any online marketing assets or efforts. Be it email marketing, social media marketing, or pay-per-click marketing, digital marketing has taken over grandly the traditional marketing styles. Digital marketing is an essential must in today’s time for every aspect of our life.

Digital marketing is the best way to reach your target consumers and turn them into potential buyers and loyal customers. These consumers are the ones who determine the growth of sales in your business, leading to the annual turnovers of any business or company. if you are looking for a career in digital marketing, This are the Top 5 digital marketing training programs in India that you can join.

With plenty of training programs available nowadays for digital marketing, one must have a good idea regarding choosing the most suitable training program for him/herself. As mentioned above and programs, the institutions come into the top-notch list of training programs in digital marketing.

And equipped with this, you too can learn and arm yourself up with the ways and world of digital marketing for your dream business, from the comfort of your office and home.

Why is digital marketing important for small-scale entrepreneurs?

digital marketing important for small-scale entrepreneurs

Digital marketing refers to the marketing done using digital channels. company’s marketing techniques, carried out via electronic devices and the internet and also involves several digital strategies. it will connect a business with its specific audience and target consumers. how digital marketing is important for small scale entrepreneurs, There are plenty of methods that come under the domain of digital marketing, like;

  • SMM – social media marketing
  • SEO – search engine optimization
  • PPC – pay per click
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Affiliate marketing

All your consumers and competitors are onlineβ€”any consumer interested in buying your products or any of your services will look up online. A business website, a business account on different social media platforms or simply the reviews from other such customers is what your potential buyers search online.

If your company, business or brand, does not have its online presence, then it’s highly likely for all those consumers to choose a similar business over yours. Online presence proves your business’s legitimacy and reliability, which convinces a customer big time to choose you over your competitors. Creating an online presence and growing it further only leads to a massive increase in your sales.

Digital marketing can lend a big hand at huge annual turnovers, even if your business is a small one. There are five significant reasons why digital marketing is so essential for small-scale entrepreneurs. Please scroll below to learn how positively they impact small businesses.

Importance of digital marketing for small scale entrepreneurs

To target the right audience

Digital marketing makes the best way to identify, reach and interact effectively with your consumers. It narrows down the exact and specific audience interested in buying your products and paying for your services. It is much more economical than the traditional style of marketing. Digital marketing is considerably less expensive and connects you with your target audience in a much better way.

Paid digital marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization make some of the best ways to reach your target audience. For small-scale businesses with less investment and marketing budgets, digital marketing creates a superb way to get your target audience. Choosing a professional digital marketing company can make you reach and connect to your customers in the most cost-effective manner.

For brand awareness.

Digital marketing provides any given small-scale business to choose from various digital channels and develop brand awareness. It helps in brand awareness to generating leads. The primary requirement of a small business is to attract, gain and maintain loyal customers, and Digital marketing provides a small-scale business with the opportunity to target and sustain its specific audience.

Digital marketing does so by focusing your business with maximum possible clicks, getting more traffic to your website and promoting your brand across various social media platforms. The more your brand is elevated, the more brand awareness it raises among your customers. Since more people start recognizing your brand, your brand grows in terms of popularity and reputation. Identifying and delivering your customers’ specific needs wins reliability and trust over an extended time, thereby building your brand awareness and reputation among the consumers.

All customers are online.

Almost every other individual uses the internet and social media, which makes a significant reason to take your business online. Having your business website, blog, or business account on social media platforms makes your company much more reliable than your offline counterparts.

Not only it helps you to interact with your customers directly online, but digital marketing also helps you identify potential buyers. It allows you to communicate wisely and understand the needs and demands of your customers carefully, which in turn wins you the trust of your target audience.

Email marketing makes an excellent way to personalize communication with your customer. Getting honest and quick answers to their queries makes a customer interested in your business, which turns them into regular consumers of your products or services over time.

To engage & understand the consumers’ behavior.

Digital marketing helps any business engage and understand its consumers’ behavior. Digital marketing techniques allow you to interact with your customers directly and identify what they want and require from your company. Which, in turn, will enable you to take necessary measures for it.

Providing your customers’ needs with prompt and reliable service maintains loyal consumers while attracting more potential buyers. Recognizing what dissatisfies your consumers is much straightforward, thanks to digital marketing. Attending to your consumers through various helplines and solving their issues related to your products or services keeps them intact.

To build trust.

Being visible online to your customers gives them solid proof that your company, brand or business is legitimate. It shows to your consumers that you are authentic and not any ghost company. Online presence proves to your customers that you are reliable and can trust your products and services. Online reviews of other customers, having your business website or social media account conveys the originality of your business, which in turn, wins you their trust and loyalty.

Being accessible to your customers and responding to their doubts or queries wins you their reliability. They now trust you with their needs and have high expectations from your business to fulfil those needs. Before going out to the market, every consumer looks it up online. They search it up on google or plenty of other shopping apps.

Lacking an online presence and delivering online services will cost your business in huge terms, by using proper SEO methods to be found more easily and quickly than your competitors will give you the upper hand. And this is where digital marketing comes into play.

With changing times, digital marketing has taken over traditional marketing. The conventional marketing styles now lag behind the digital ones. And there is enough reason for the change. Not only digital marketing costs us more minor, but it also connects us with our customers in much more accessible and convenient ways.

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The five significant benefits which digital marketing provides any business is

  1. the best way to target the right audience,
  2. increase brand awareness among consumers,
  3. reach all the customers online
  4. engage and understand the consumers’ behaviors
  5. build trust among your consumers and buyers.

While some small businesses postpone digital marketing due to false beliefs and myths, others are too afraid to try it due to a lack of proper knowledge on digital marketing. Whatever your reason might be, digital marketing will only do you and your business good, especially for small-scale businesses and entrepreneurs. Proper and wise use of digital marketing will help take your small-scale business bloom to the next level.