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The top 10 digital marketing influencers in India 2021.

Digital marketing is a growing industry now. We follow many digital marketing influencers like Neil Patel, Gary Vaynerchuk, Matt Bailey, Sam Ovens etc. in this post, we will see about the top 10 Indian digital marketing influencers.

Digital marketing refers to marketing done online. It refers to a company\’s marketing techniques carried out via electronic devices and the Internet. Digital marketing involves several digital strategies to connect a business with its specific audience and target consumers. Also, Digital marketing is the best way to identify, reach, and interact effectively with your consumers. It narrows down the exact and specific audience interested in buying your products and paying for your services. It is much more economical than the traditional style of marketing. Digital marketing is considerably less expensive and connects you with your target audience in a much better way.

The five significant benefits that digital marketing provides any business is

  • the best way to target the right audience,
  • increase brand awareness among consumers,
  • to reach all the customers online
  • engage and understand the consumers\’ behaviors
  • to build trust among your consumers and buyers.

Here are the top 10 digital marketing influencers in India. Come on and check as to what sets them apart from others. And how they have successfully influenced people with digital marketing.

1– Deepak Kanakaraju


Deepak Kanakaraju is one of the popular Indian digital marketing influencers on digital marketing. His famous website is helping millions of people to learn and grow using digital marketing. On this blog, Deepak shares skilfully about different parameters of digital marketing.

He has previously worked with many B2C and B2B companies, including Instamojo, practo, Exotel, etc. His tips and advice are handy. He provides many kinds of business consultations.

He, with his famous website, serves plenty of people in the digital marketing realm. Deepak is, therefore, a notable guide and mentor in today\’s time. He is best known for his skills and talent in this field.

2 – Pradeep Chopra


Pradeep Chopra is one of the most sought-after speakers on digital marketing. His expertise also lies in entrepreneurship.

He is both an Indian and an international speaker. Pradeep is the CEO and also co-founder of Digital Vidya. Notably, Vidya is a famous digital marketing school in India. Each year, hundreds and thousands of students train from this school.

They complete their courses related to digital marketing. Pardeep Chopra first completed his graduation from IIT Delhi in 1999. After this, he started his journey with Kapil Nakra. Kapil is Pradeep\’s friend. And Both of them lead the Whizlabs software together. Whizlabs Software is an Oracle certification company.

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3 – Rajat Jain


Rajat Jain has his blog. And this blog is popular in today\’s time. Rajat is the founder and CEO of Shoot Order which is one of the top-ranked digital marketing agencies. Also, shoot order has more than two hundred clients. And all these clients hail from various regions of the world. And this is the primary reason why he is such a famous digital marketing influencer. In his popular blog, he speaks of the latest trends, upcoming styles, varieties, etc. He also says marketing experiences, latest market hacks, etc., and talks of ways to boost your websites and marketing. When it comes to digital marketing, his name is one of the most counted on.

4 – Kunal Choudhury


There is a significant factor that is mentioned when it comes to Kunal. And that is, Kunal Choudhury earns much more than two million dollars. And it is all from affiliate marketing solely.

Kunal is a renowned expert in affiliate marketing. And of course, it is very sought after. His contributions in affiliate marketing for famous brands are no new, myntra, jabong, Flipkart, snap deal are some of those brands. His gifts for the Delhi School of Internet Marketing are noteworthy.

It is one of the prestigious schools of marketing in India. Kunal\’s fresh concept of affiliate marketing is what takes him higher. His unique understanding of affiliate marketing earns him massive respect in the marketing world.

5 – Sorav Jain


Sourav is another professional who has earned many laurels. He is a prominent digital marketing influencer in India. At the young age of seventeen, he came up as an SEO executive.

He has established echoVMB as well, and he is based in Chennai now. Sorav Jain hosts 2020 MSL programs frequently. And also many other such programs. Understanding the perspective of customers. Sorav has also launched two popular books. One book is named \’ social media for business. And the other book is called How to build your brand on social media.

Sorav Jain also owns another fascinating thing. And that is a digital marketing Facebook community. This community has more than 45,000 members, and it is named \’digital marketing questions and answers. And now, Sourav is preparing to go global very soon.

6 – Lakshmipathy Bhat


Lakshmipathy has more than two decades of experience in digital and traditional marketing. He is a significant witness to both drastic and gradual changes in marketing. In his campaign, Lakshmipathy blends well both marketing fields.

He is a professional in digital as well as traditional marketing. He is now responsible for the corporate communications of robust technologies. Notably, Powerful Technologies are a leading mobility solution partner.

Interestingly, Lakshmi Kant is also involved in the marketing business in different companies. They are from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. An excellent digital influencer, indeed.

7 – Harsh Agarwal


Harsh Agarwal is a full-time blogger by profession. He is the blogger of shoutmeloud. Reportedly, shoutmeloud is a blog about digital marketing. And it has won many awards. In this blog, you can find every detail of digital marketing.

This blog is suitable both for beginners and pros. Those who want to make a career out of blogging can turn to shoutmeloud. Harsh Agarwal is a BTech graduate, and he has worked in Convergys earlier.

Harsh Agarwal is an inspiration on his own. Digital marketing. And that too entirely from scratch. Youth. And every such individual who wishes to make a career in digital marketing.

8 – Jitendra Vaswani


Jitendra Vaswani is best known for his blog bloggers\’ ideas. He is a professional blogger. And also a digital marketing authority.

The blogger\’s ideas are considered as the top blog about digital marketing in India. Also, Jitendra Vaswani is known as a highly sought-after digital marketing consultant. And that is both in and outside India.

He is also a renowned public speaker. He shares valuable keynotes on blogging, branding, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and making money online. His professionalism at work is what sets him apart from others. A talented individual, Jitendra has helped hundreds of people with his insights and advice.

9 – Nidhi Singh


Nidhi Singh is a famous digital marketer in today\’s time. Hailing from India, she makes considerable contributions in terms of business and digital marketing. She is the AVP of growth marketing at DBS Bank. Before joining DBS, Nidhi Singh led the marketing for EduPristine for six years. And in this long time, she has helped this startup grow. Also, EduPristine was acquired by Adtalem, a global education giant listed by the NYSE. Notably, Nidhi Singh is a top writer on Quora and has won the place twice. She has more than 75,000 followers on Quora. And Nidhi writes mostly about Digital Marketing. Also, she answers questions asked by different people on Quora.

Nidhi is also an internationally published writer. Her works have been published in famous magazines such as HuffPost and Inc. In addition to this, she is listed in numerous top digital marketers lists, ever since 2018.

Nidhi Singh specializes in SEO, app interface improvement, and business consultation on the website. She also does Facebook Marketing, setting up KPIs for startups, and email marketing as well. Reportedly, Nidhi also runs a group named Digital Marketing Tips & Tricks.

10 – Himanshu Arora


Himanshu Arora is a top digital influencer in India nowadays. He is a computer science engineer and Hails from Delhi. Himanshu has also completed his MBA in marketing.

He is a professional consultant on digital marketing, and he is passionate about branding and marketing styles as well. Also, he conducts much digital marketing training for corporations. His lists include HUL, TCS, TOI, ICICI, HPCL, digital vidya, Wipro, Kotak,

Himanshu Arora also co-founds social panga. Notable, Social Panga is a popular digital marketing agency. Himanshu Arora is a sought-after digital influencer in India. All his clients only benefit from his help. Hence, his popularity is skyrocketing.


With changing times, digital marketing has taken over traditional marketing. The conventional marketing styles now lag behind the digital ones. And there is enough reason for the change. Not only does digital marketing cost us more, but it also connects us with our customers in much more accessible and convenient ways.

Digital marketing is called online marketing too. Digital marketing refers to any online marketing assets or efforts. Also, Digital marketing is the best way to reach your target consumers and turn them into potential buyers and loyal customers. These consumers are the ones who determine the growth of sales in your business, leading to the annual turnovers of any business or company.

With plenty of training programs available nowadays for digital marketing, one must choose the most suitable training program for oneself. also, you must know about top digital marketing influencers and you can follow them for more information about digital marketing.

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