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How to Promote Word-of-Mouth Referrals Through Paid Ads?

In our previous blog posts, we\’ve learned a lot about digital marketing. Whether it\’s a landing page or hosting, we\’ve come across many critical stages of digital marketing. Yet, there\’s one thing that helps you sail easily in your online journey. And that is the Word-of-Mouth Referrals. No matter how great an advertisement is, we tend to trust the referrals of our close ones the most.

For example, a makeup brand that your best friend recommends to you always overtakes every promotion or prompt out there. And this is because we believe in the personal experiences of our close ones more. And this is the very reason why big brands like Coca-cola, Cadbury, Nike, Adidas stress Word-of-Mouth Referrals. They invest in this more than any advertisement. And the rest we all know.

So today, I\’ll share with you how you can promote Word-of-mouth referrals through paid ads. Here is what you\’ll learn in this blog post:

  • What is WOMM (Word-of-mouth-marketing)?
  • How to make your consumers give you WOMM referrals?
  • How to target WOMM referrals via paid ads?
  • Recalling the importance of WOMM in today\’s businesses!

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What is WOMM (Word-of-mouth-marketing)?

Word-of-mouth marketing is also known as WOMM. And it is one of the best kinds of advertising. There\’s no more tremendous success for a business than its customers recommending it to others. WOMM is a traditional marketing style, and it still works as it did ages ago. Word-of-mouth marketing is the best advertising for any brand. And this is because it gives confidence & support to the new customers.

For any new consumer to hear about a brand from their close ones, instantly gained their trust. The consumer feels secure & tempted at the same time to invest in whatever brand their friends or family recommend. And when such buyers purchase your products/services, they share them with others as well. And this is the secret behind good brands getting more prominent and deficient brands going down the lane. Be aware that the WOMM works both positively & negatively.

Positive WOMM skyrockets your business. And negative WOMM puts your business down the drain. Yet, you can change it with your constant efforts & quality services. The power which WOMM carries is immense. And examples are everywhere. We all know that one business/company turned into waste after a bad quality or poor business ethics came into light. Perhaps it\’s a wrong product or poor delivery or worse quality. Whatever it is, half-hearted business always ends up that way. And WOMM escalates this.

More than 92% of people use brands & businesses recommended by their close ones. And more than 90% of people buy products/services after reading the reviews posted online. That\’s how valuable & necessary WOMM is. And even though it\’s not an easy task, there are still some ways to get consumers into WOMM for your business.

How to make your consumers give you WOMM referrals?

Now you\’re well aware of the benefits of WOMM. So let\’s not waste a minute more & jump down straight to these five ways by which you can make your consumers give you WOMM referrals.

Focus on Customer Experience:

You must provide the best-in-class customer experience. And this is because you won\’t get into the good list of your customers if their experience with you is wrong. And, of course, no referrals as well. In any given business, customer experience is the most important. And in today\’s time of social sharing, WOMM is essential for any business growth. When you provide a top-notch experience to your customers, they come again to you. And this time, they don\’t come alone, instead bring their loved ones as well. Won\’t you go to a lovely place alone, right? Just like that, deliver supreme quality in products/services/goods/delivery. The better a customer\’s overall experience is, the more WOMM you get.

Quality is everything:

Quality rules everything, every time. Whether you\’re just a start-up or taking a family business online, quality is the key. Whatever products/goods you deliver must have the best-in-class quality. When you prioritize quality, your customers prioritize you. And that\’s how you gain immense WOMM quickly.

On the other hand, a poor quality business goes down the drain. Customers experiencing poor quality from any brand don\’t limit that to themselves. They share their poor experiences with everyone. Hence, the bad quality of a business, in whichever form, gets exposed. And WOMM comes in negatively. If you deliver quality to your customers, rest assured of the ever-increasing sales & number of customers. And the WOMM comes like a byproduct, smoothly.

Begin your referral program:

Starting your referral program gives you a great head start. Making your customers refer you to others is the best way to launch a referral program. Give a discount on a popular product, a lucky coupon, or other free goodies or merchandise. You can also offer a premium membership for free for some time. And you can also give out free ebooks or small products. And in return, you can ask them to refer your business to their close ones. In addition to that, customers usually share their good deals & experiences with their close ones. And that\’s how you win the WOMM game. So please start your referral program today itself.

Value your visions:

As a famous saying goes, people buy your things for \”why\” You sell it, not \”how\” You sell it. So this is your chance to value your visions. Why are you doing your business? Is there a personal story behind it? What is the reason? Let your customers know why you\’re doing what you\’re doing. And see the WOMM dramatically increase your growth. Also, you can use your referral program for that. Make your customers spread the word. We all love to be a part of good things. And that\’s how you can make your customers give you the best of WOMM.

Win hearts with UGC:

The last and final step is to promote customer engagement via User-Generated Content or UGC. You can gain enough concentration & attention with it. UGC means to create good branding and launch terrific contests or programs. And by doing so, you encourage your customers to share your business socially. And that paves the way for WOMM to upscale your business magnificently.

How to target WOMM referrals via paid ads?

By now, you\’re well aware of how to use WOMM for your benefit. However, there are two kinds of WOMM. One is the organic WOMM, and the other is the amplified WOMM. The organic WOMM refers to customers referring to your brand on their own. And the amplified WOMM means where you launch paid online campaigns to get WOMM benefits. Here below, I share with you five easy ways to use amplified WOMM for your business.

Select an Ad Platform:

You need to be very careful while selecting an ad platform for your business. Firstly divide your customers into age groups. Which age group does your target audience fall? If your customers are mostly youth, select Instagram or TikTok. And if the age group is slightly more, then setting Facebook and YouTube is good. You can also run your ads through LinkedIn and other platforms where your target audience is enormous.

Get clear on your goal & budget:

Almost every social media platform offers paid advertising to all. However, before you start your advertising campaign, get clear on your goal & budget. Your business goals must resonate with your ad platform selection. And you should have enough funding to do so. Whether it\’s for newsletters or other subscriptions, choose the one after deciding on your budget. And, of course, your business goal is prioritized here as well. In addition to that, get clear on your ideal ROI. And how much you\’re willing to spend on digital marketing.

Offer good Incentives to your customers:

You must offer good incentives to your customers. And those incentives shall be well planned and thought out. Incentives that help your customers are more valuable than giving out Any random useless thing for free. For example, you can give a free video about your customer\’s favourite product, which they\’d have to buy usually. Or perhaps an ebook. You can also offer coupons and discount vouchers which customers can use in their purchases. However, your discounts should be time sensitive so you can get more customers to get them early.

Write your ad:

Now, write down your ad. Your ad must be in the most preferred language of your target audience. And it should be unique and original. Your ad must
communicate your offer.

Also, you must be creative with your ad. Don\’t just copy-paste ideas, instead create your own. Use good graphics, images and themes to make your ad more engaging. In addition to that, make sure to use targeted keywords for your target audience.

Keep track & keep going:

And lastly, examine your ad\’s performance and track down the results as well. The major areas to keep track and checkmarks are; visuals, colours, content, CTA(Call to Actions). However, you should know that you\’ve to keep testing & tracking. And when you don\’t find your desired results, change, shift and do again. That\’s the key to making your customers talk about you well, always.

Recalling the importance of WOMM in today\’s businesses!

In digital marketing, the value of WOMM increases many times. Word of mouth marketing was influential in the olden days, and it still is—a business blooms & flourishes when word of mouth marketing works in its favour. And a business drowns when the same expression of mouth marketing goes the wrong way. Nowadays, a company is hard to survive if it has no online presence. And with online presence comes digital marketing.

You need to be well aware of how to use digital marketing to grow your business better. And WOMM comes in handy for that. Remember that people always follow what their close ones recommend. To deliver quality & excellent customer experience to get on the good side of your customers. And see how the word of mouth marketing takes your business to new heights. And to give that a good start, you can promote Word-of-Mouth referrals through paid ads. I hope this blog post helps you immensely with your online business. 🙂

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