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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing refers to the process of sending a commercial message to a targeted audience through email. And email marketing involves every email sent to a current or potential customer. In this kind of marketing, only emails are used for advertising, promoting, or sell a service, product, or goods.

Email marketing is used to request donations and business and solicit sales too. And in email marketing, you target your specific group of audiences via email. And the very use of emails in your marketing efforts to promote products or incentive customer loyalty is email marketing. In this marketing process, you keep your customers updated with the latest offers, sales, products, services, ebooks, webinars, discounts, etc.

Now that you know what email marketing is, it\’s time to learn the benefits. So, ail marketing comes with plenty of advantages. And some of the essential benefits of email marketing are as follows.

Benifits of Email Marketing:

  • Email Marketing helps you reach your target audience better. And it helps you boost lead generations and conversions.
  • Email Marketing increases your revenue and annual turnover.
  • It promotes a better relationship with your target consumers.
  • Email marketing helps you communicate better with your customers and vice versa.
  • And it mproves response rates to your direct marketing campaigns.
  • It allows you to create personalized and targeted messages.
  • Email marketing also promotes your authenticity in business.
  • And it helps you gain the trust of your consumers.
  • Email marketing makes you reach an already engaged target.
  • It is cost-effective and pocket-friendly.
  • Email Marketing will allow you to create personalized content for your unique customers.
  • And Email marketing helps you collect feedback and conduct surveys.
  • This marketing allows immediate response from your consumers and gives you the benefit of speed.
  • It helps you keep track of your customers over time.
  • And it allows you to segment your consumers into different mailing lists based on their preferences.
  • Email marketing strengthens loyalty and trust between you and your target audience.
  • And t allows you to connect with your customers very well.
  • Also, ery email sent is free when you use broadband in email marketing.
  • And ou can reach your customers from any corner of the world via email marketing.

What are the types of emails?

Email marketing is one of the best ways of digital marketing today. And this is because t comes with umpteen number of benefits for any business. In addition to that, there are several different kinds of emails. And any business interested in email marketing shall be aware of these various email types.

1 – Welcome emails

It is the very first email a business sends to its new customer. And this kind of email is often referred to as onboarding emails.

2 – Newsletter emails

It informs your target audience of your business\’s latest news and tips. And as a result t makes your customers up to date with the newest information about your business.

3 – Curated content emails

It is a category, and a subsection of newsletter emails. And this is because they include various quality content selected for a specific topic, group of people, or time frame.

4 – New product announcement emails

It is called as a product launch email. And it informs your target audience of your upcoming product or latest service being released or started.

5 – Special offer emails

In these emails, you inform your customers of a specific or special offer. And that is because it can be about a limited-time deal or any occasional offers.

6 – Milestone emails

It is a behaviour-based email made for existing customers. And it reminds your consumers of the value they get from your business.

7 – review request emails

It collects your customers\’ reviews through email, including a 1 to 10 rating scale, and some brief copy, etc.

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8 – Abandoned cart emails

It is a mainstay of e-commerce. And abandoned cart emails refers to a follow-up email. Because it is for customers who have added any product or service to their cart, but then left the website or app without buying it.

9 – Promotional emails

These emails target a particular audience to remind them of new or existing services or products. And as a result it helps get the word out about premium deals, exclusive content, special offers, and limited-time offers, etc.

10 – Lead nurturing emails

Marketers send these emails to move the customers from considering buying a product to deciding to purchase it. And it is because they show more details of a service or product and highlight its unique features.

11 – Informational emails

Send these emails to keep your target audience updated on your business. And it is to inform your customers about the latest news, content, product announcements, and discounts, etc.

12 – Educational emails

These emails help build and nurture seller-buyer relationships. And these are sent to all existing, new, or extended-time customers.

13 – Web-based emails

Web based email is an email service, accessed using a standard web browser. And it is the opposite of emails accessible via specialized email client software.

14 – Client based emails

It is a desktop program that allows users to access emails without logging in via the web. And this is so because, hese are linked to email accounts via IMAP or POP3 addressing.

15 – Survey emails

These emails are used for data collection. Also, it is used to collect quantitative data using questionnaires or surveys. And it is because these are sent to targeted respondents through emails.

16 – Marketing emails

These emails mark explicit use for marketing purposes. And as a result hey form a significant part of digital and email marketing.

17 – Direct emails

These emails promote advertise or sell directly. In addition to that, these are sent to a customer to promote or sell any service or product directly as well.

18 – Broadcast emails

These emails are mostly sent to your main list of customers. And in addition to that they form a significant part of marketing strategy.

19 – Sequence emails

It refers to a series of emails sent automatically to specific segments of customers. And these emails can be time-based or trigger-based as well too.

20 – Standalone emails

This email is characterized by a one-time distribution of brand messages and content advertisement. And as a result it is frequently send to a new customer.

How do you do email marketing?

In digital marketing, email marketing forms a significant component. And, email marketing stands strong even in the hyped up era of and other social media marketing. And also, it is the most reliable and prevalent style of marketing to date. Because mail marketing seldom fails as they are super convenient and inexpensive as well. And how does one learn email marketing? Well, no worries. We got you. Here below, we share with you the seven simple steps to do email marketing.

1 – Build your mailing list.

The first step is to build your mailing list. And our mailing list comprises your target audience. So, please make a list of all your target audience. and get the email IDs through legal ways, that is either through some campaign or in exchange for free gist, downloadable ebook, etc and once you have the email list of your consumers, build a complete list of them. Now you are ready to start with your email marketing as well.

You can use tools like Convertkit, Mailer Lite

2 – Welcome your customers.

After building your mailing list, welcome your customers. send out an introduction email. In addition to that, congratulate and thank your customers for subscribing to your mailing list. And give them a brief introduction about your business. Let them know what they shall expect from your emails. And surprise them with free goodies and super special offers etc., at times as well , this is one of the best ways to start your email marketing.

3 – Personalize your messages.

After you connect with your consumers via mail, it\’s time to customize and that is personalize your content. And your messages shall be your very own. Because ey shall convey your ideas, thoughts, and intentions authentically. In addition to that, your personalized messages make your consumers feel essential. And when your customers feel valued, they tend to invest more in any given business too.

4 – Segment your consumers.

our mailing list is further improvised as well. And put your customers into different segments based on your customers\’ preferences. Segmenting your customers makes it easier and better to market digitally with emails. And this is because ou know what to send to which customers. And so as a result, you can focus on each segment of customers separately, which allows more connection and clarity about your target consumers.

5 – Focus on mobile-friendly emails.

Almost everything we want is in our hands in this five to six inches device. And we use our mobile phones for all purposes. So ke sure your emails are mobile-friendly too. Because, this way, you stay close to your target audience. And as a result, you can make them aware of your presence quickly. Mobile-friendly emails are fun, short, and interactive, and highly engaging. And ey grasp your consumers\’ interests in a better way.

6 – Occasional email campaigns.

The occasional email campaigns act as a catalyst for your business. And this is because in digital marketing, campaigns hold an essential place. As well as do these campaigns occasionally for your customers. And you can ask them to take part and reward them with gifts, vouchers, coupons, etc. Also, these campaigns help your customers better engage with your business. And so they are more likely to purchase your products and services.

7 – Welcome reviews.

Email marketing helps you get closer to your target audience. And this is because it makes a great way to connect deeply with your customers. In addition to that, ask for reviews and feedback from your consumers. But do it in a fun and interactive way so that your consumers don\’t find it monotonous or boring. Analyse these reviews and feedback as they are precious. Since they can help you get aware of your customers\’ exact needs, wants, and demands. And when you focus on them, your sales uprises fluently.


Even when SEO and other social media marketing seem to be the top, email marketing is vital. Ever since its beginning, email marketing has maintained the trust and reliability of its users. Because, it is one of the most traditional ways of digital marketing. And with changing times, it still holds the same power to upgrade your business.

Email marketing allows you to enter the personal space of your customers with their permission. And it enables you to connect and communicate more closely with them. And it comes with an abundance of benefits for any business as . Whether you are just a beginner with your start-up or running your old family business, email marketing is effective in both too. So applying the ways mentioned above to start your email marketing will take your business high gradually in the long term. And brings in the trust and loyalty of both you and your consumers together.

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