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Grow your Sales through Marketing hacks




do you want to grow your sales through, Do you want to become a GREAT MARKETER and dominate the market?

Voila! This article is for you. We are in the digital era, where everything is just a call away Want to get anything delivered at your doorstep.


Want to binge eat while watching Netflix.


Want to reach anywhere without hassle.


Want to enhance your skills, sitting at the comfort of your couch.


Understanding the Marketing hacks are vital. Hence, This guide will help you to understand profoundly.

  1. The Fundamentals of Marketing
  2. The Importance of Digital Marketing over Traditional marketing
  3. Different Marketing Funnel — CATT
  4. Integrated Marketing Approach
  5. Personal Branding

#Masstrust and many more. Alors, Read it with patience until the end And become a PRO in Marketing.

First, Let’s understand What is marketing? And how the digital era is impacting the marketing strategies which have been followed for decades ?

In simple words, \”The business of promoting and selling products or services to provide value and meet the demands of the market need\”.

In today’s digital era, Marketing has evolved due to change in DIGITALISATION and GLOBALIZATION.

Now, Let’s understand the change –


Irrespective of the Change, there are top notch Rules of Marketing which doesn’t change in any era and helps to WIN the market. Some pragmatism rules are –

The products and services should be high quality –

Providing quality products gain customer satisfaction and loyalty. Initially to create brand awareness, It’s important to follow some marketing practices but ensuring the premium quality products is the only key to success .

Maintaining the quality, spreads the information about the brand fast and this helps to retain the customers in the long run.

For example — when we think about gadgets , the only name that comes to our mind is << Apple>>.

When we think about ordering online it’s none other than <<Amazon >>

Now, This is the level of loyalty and trust it has on its customers because of its high quality products and services.


After Sales service –

Now, to ensure whether customers are happy after using the products and services , the after sales service helps companies to stand out from the competitors.

Amazon is the best example of after sales service. Customers have all the leverage to return the products in 10 days and get the payment.



Lowering the price is a Strategy that helps the companies to penetrate the market due to its affordability of prices.

For example — IKEA the world’s largest retailers entered the market with extremely low margins, and is dominating the Furniture industry. However, it’s not the only strategy that is enough to build customers’ trust, the company shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the product as well. Hence, IKEA has attained the pioneer due to its price without compromising on the quality.



Companies building a personal brand for oneself, helps in selling the product easily. Along with building an elite product, if companies work on positioning themselves , it helps to attract more customers through building loyalty. People do businesses with people, not with the company.

Hence, if the company shares authentic story of its journey, People can connect with the brand and ultimately builds #masstrust

For ex- Elon Musk, people know more about Elon musk then about tesla.



One has to evolve constantly along with the market and keep on customizing and adapting new methods and techniques to serve the customers. If a company doesn’t follow early adaptation and Innovation, it can completely wipe off from the market.

The example — Nokia one of the biggest brand in the 2008, but because apple and android dominated the market though different features like touch-screen, Nokia couldn’t compete in the market and hence, it’s completely disappear. People prefer Apple and Android over Nokia because of the Innovation and early adaptation of the market strategy.

I’m sure you must have understood the basic strategies of marketing which every company follows.


Digital marketing means advertising through different marketing channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and using different marketing funnels such as SEO, paid ads to promote and sell the goods and services. In other words using all the online platforms and the electronic gadgets to endorse the goods and services.

On the other hand, Traditional marketing means using the old conventional way of marketing such as newspaper ads, TV, Flyers, Hoarding , Bulletins, Magazines, etc. to reach the customers in order to sell the product

Traditional marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Source — Digitalupgroth

But with the Increase in Globalization and digitalization, people have moved from TRADITIONAL MARKETING to DIGITAL MARKETING.

Source — Digitalupgrowth

However, the debate of digital marketing over traditional marketing is, Digital marketing is the new future, and the sooner people adapt to the new change, it becomes easier to expand the horizon and dominate the market.

The advantageous like –

  1. Starting at an extremely low cost.
  2. Helping in finding target audience and reaching them.
  3. Helping in creating brand Recognition.
  4. Global reach.
  5. Helping in understanding the requirements of the potential customers and taking quick actions.
  6. Importance in all the stages of the business — A startup, small business, Big businesses.

Digital marketing has all the prerequisite advantages in this Digital era to make it a WIN WIN situation.

After Understanding Digital Marketing, Let’s dive into the source of WEALTH.

Now, What is the ultimate outcome from business?

It’s the wealth. Right?

So, When I say wealth is directly proportional to n^CATT.

What is n^CATT ?

let’s understand in details –


stands for niche.

Niche (n) 

niche is choosing a product or service to start the business. It is the fundamental foundation of any business.

There are thousands of niches. Choosing a niche helps people to become proficient and choose an expertise in one particular direction.

For example — If someone is passionate about solo travelling, hence can start blogging about the experiences and details of the destinations travelled. It can be their niche.

Niche doesn’t have to be big, people can start small, gain the expertise and eventually, make it Big.

For example — In the field of Digital Marketing, It’s a wide topic, One can easily choose a niche like, content writing, Facebook ads or Email marketing, gain some experience and become an expert in one particular area.

Content (C) 

Now, after choosing a niche ,it’s important to create valuable content which educates the consumers and convinces them to buy the products or services. As rightly said , CONTENT IS THE KING. Everything revolves around how beautifully we can express our thoughts across. Due to this digital Era, all the social media is full of content, It’s important to stand out, write useful content and set up your mark .

Attention (A) 

After writing valuable information, It’s important to reach out to people. We need to shout out loud to make our presence felt in the market. Now, marketing comes into picture. Using all the digital platforms and funnels like SEO, Paid ads, we create awareness. People come to know about our product and services through Blogs or websites.


Here comes the most important part, i.e building trust with the consumers. How do we build trust?

The only way is showing them the reviews, testimonials. It’s important to create #masstust by Building personal branding.

In the next few minutes, We will understand personal branding in detail.

Transaction (T) — 

Now, the final step is to convert the leads into potential buyers. Understanding our consumers better can help us to make products according to them and increase conversions. Some sneak peek into consumer buying behavior. It’s essential to comprehend our consumers perspective to help pitching them well about the product –

It has an AIDA Rules



  1. Awareness — In which Consumers know about the product through webinars, advertisements.
  2. Interest — It arouses an interest in consumers to buy the product through contents all over the social media, blogs or websites.
  3. Desire — Customers have a desire to buy the products after being known the benefits, features and reading the testimonials of the products.
  4. Action — It’s a call to action after being offered the products at a good price, and convincing them to take an action through an immediate discount or so.

It is important to comprehend the stage of our consumer, and knowing that well, we can take steps to convert the leads and generate sales. You must be aware of one mode of marketing. But Let’s understand Integrated Digital Marketing which is the essence of Business.

How much sales can you expect if you are promoting on one single platform ??

However, When the market is full of opportunities ,why will we be happy with half results?

We cannot expect our sales to rise, sitting and building only Facebook followers , when we have Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn platforms.

Simultaneously, we can’t work on organic ways of reaching our audience when there are different other ways also like SEO and paid ads.

However, It’s about being everywhere to build our #masstrust and loyalty to our consumers.


We can expect growth , success in the business only through following the Integrated Digital marketing channels which is a structured marketing plan where everything revolves around CONTENT .

We have to promote the content through different channels like –


This is an effective way to reach out to our potential clients. A means to update them with the information of the products and the services and it’s been said that 99% of the people do go through their emails on a daily basis.

Image Source — Small Business Trends

SEO (Search Engine optimization)

It’s a marketing funnel which increases the traffic in our websites or blogs through search engines.

Source — Pexel


It’s a platform to build audience and engagement by creating awareness on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter. By creating more valuable content and sharing videos one can build the trust of the customer.

Source — Pixabay


This is an advertising model, which helps to drive traffic to a particular website or a blog.


The pay per click ads pop up in the beginning and people have no choice but to open up the link. Hence, Integrated marketing is the amalgamation of all these strategies to expand the reach to our customers and to generate sales using different marketing funnels.

It helps to integrate and communicate clearly, without any ambiguity, using all the Traditional and digital marketing strategy to reach our customers,

An example of a company using INTEGRATED Marketing is – IKEA (A Swedish furniture Retail store).


Do you know?

In Past 3–4 years IKEA’s sales have increased by 9% due to its digital presence in the market. In 2017 , It has launched a campaign “Ikea Human Catalogue featuring athlete Yanjaa Winter soul. For this , she acted as a human catalogue having memorized 328 pages of the 2017 catalogue. This campaign went viral featuring all the products of Ikea.

Initially Ikea had the customers of kitchenware and pillows but after following the Integrated approach and being omnipresent in all the platforms it had created its space and now It’s a brand worldwide.

People have started buying IKEA products to create their dream home. learn step by step digital marketing in 2021.

What is Personal Branding? How is it different from Marketing ?

It’s What do you stand for? What are you as an Individual? What do you want to be known for?


PERSONAL BRANDING is not the business, rather the one who is associated with the brand. What comes to your mind when you think of APPLE — undoubtedly Steve jobs, Tesla — Elon Musk .

So, For whom is the Personal Branding ?

They can be a businessman, a mentor, a coach, a blogger, an influencer who have the audacity to influence people by sharing the journey in an authentic way. It’s a way of positioning oneself and building credibility amongst the people.

Personal branding is a relationship with oneself. It’s separating oneself from the company. It involves building an individual identity , the ethics, the principles ,the reputation and sharing in the form of content with the people.

However, The objective truth is People don’t do business with companies. They do businesses with People they resonate with. Hence, The level of connection builds loyalty, and to retain those trust one must build his own tribe through personal branding.

Let’s understand with an example, Did you hear about Gary vee?

Well, he is a masterful entrepreneur , a content creator, an inspirational guru, a Digital marketer, Influencer. He has created a personal brand for himself. If people can resonate with his principles ,ethics and moral values, they can connect with him.

More examples are APPLE -Steve jobs, Tesla — Elon Musk, Your story — Shradha Sharma, humans of Mumbai — Karishma Mehta

At the end , to sum up –


In the whole article, we have discussed about Building a #masstrust.

But what is masstrust ?

  • LEARN — Firstly, to start anything we need to LEARN from the right source.

For example — Supposedly, we want to become a digital marketer, So to start the company, we need to learn digital marketing first.

We have to choose a mentor and deep dive into do’s and don’ts of it in detail. For example — If digital marketing is our forte, we can do the Internship course offered by Digital Guru — Digital Deepak.

  • Work — Only learning the skills is not sufficient. We need to start working on the skills to become proficient and get the potential clients. For example — After learning, Implementing the digital marketing skills to get freelancing jobs.
  • Blog — Now, comes blogging and building a personal brand. It expands our horizon, increasing our visibility in the market. People become aware of our brand and hence, It increases the traffic and engagements on our blogs and websites.
  • Consult — After building a tribe one can start a consulting business. Constantly blogging and understanding the depth of marketing, helps us to become a Better consultant. Hence, one can start with consulting services.
  • Mentor — After a point, mentorship can scale up the businesses. It helps to attract more customers organically.
  • Start up — Now, It’s time to start a STARTUP .After knowing the concepts through perpetual mentoring and consulting, one can start his/her own Agency of Digital marketing providing all the services because he/she has become proficient and gained expertise through constant practices.

People often are confused with finding a niche. A deep understanding which can help you find yours. Let’s understand-


To find your niche, you can start with reading a book named IKIGAI.

What is IKIGAI?

It’s a state of utmost happiness and bliss. Now, to attain the full Ikigai (means happiness) you should work on three things –



Now, to find passion you must know yourself well. You must be bored listening to the same advice again and again and wondering how to find one’s passion.

Honestly, there’s no thumb rule. It’s overrated when someone says \”do something you really love and are passionate about\”. And we constantly think on how to find it?

Let me share my journey,

One day when I was getting super bored doing nothing, I randomly started writing a journal and kept on doing it, until I had been happy with my writing skills. I had expressed it so well, that I love doing it in my leisure time.

Nevertheless, I have a knack for writing, which I didn’t realize until, I actually did it. Now, Writing has become my passion. hence, I can use this skill to create my Niche and so, can you.


Only passion doesn’t help, evaluating the market is also important . We need to understand the market as well and how our products fit in the market.

For ex- talking about the same examples, Content writing has a great future because everything is content driven now in this digital era. So, I can use my passion and there’s a market for that as well.

Talent –

Talent is as important as passion and market. I can’t be bad at content writing and expect to reach my goal of having 1 crore turnover (which we will discuss further)

I have to spend my time, energy to enhance and sharpen my skills everyday to be better, the best, and the bestest.


Well, this is an interesting graph to share with you

How can one make 1 crore in revenue ?

Let’s understand, I’m planning to get a turnover of 1 crore business in 3 years. And I start with a product (let’s say teaching content marketing ) and I charge Rs100 , According to the chart I have to find 1,00,000 customers to reach the target of 1 crore. (which is possible )

Now, out of this customers 1,00,000 Customers, if 10% of the customer which is 10,000 Customers buy the product or services from me at Rs 1,000

I can generate the revenue of 1 crore. And then further , 10% of 10,000 customers for a product price 10,000 and at the end, 100 customers for a product of 1,00,000.

If we can retain our customers lifelong through following all the hacks of marketing and building #masstrust

Then, No one can stop us from reaching the goal of 1 CRORE business model.


Marketing is an amalgamation of art and science, following all the fundamental practices ethically, building a lifelong trust with quality and a long term commitment to our venture and people.

It is to be vigilant about the buying behavior of the consumers and building a people centric product. Because at the END,

EVERYTHING IS FOR, (the people) BY, (the people) AND WITH THE PEOPLE.

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